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adminDecember 31, 2018

Dragon Ball Super He left all his followers influenced by the end of the Power Tournament and the final outcome of Universal Survival Saga. Goku and his friends had to face a large number of opponents, but it was Jiren from Universe 11 who forced Frieza to work with his eternal enemy to defeat him.

Recently, the new movie presented another great challenge Z Warriors by introducing Broly to the original story. This legendary Saiyan left a great destruction that forced Vegeta and Goku to overcome their borders again to overcome it.

However, there is still much to discover for the series. Akira Toriyama, creator of the franchise, and Toyotaro, responsible for the drawings of Dragon Ball Super In their cartoon, they have already started publishing the following story, which is published under the name "The Capture of the Galactic Patrol".

In this new arc, Goku and Vegeta must face a millennial and powerful enemy that responds to the name "Fun". Who is this new villain? What is your story? Here is all that is known for the date of this great enemy.

The story of Moro

Moor is an evil wizard of Universe 7 who threatened its massive destruction more than 10 million years ago. These facts are discussed in Chapter 43 of the Dragon Ball Super manga published December 20, 2018 in Japan:

Warning! Spoilers of the future Dragon Ball Super saga

"The great Kaio shin of Universe 7 and the Kaio-shin of the South evokes a breeze of asteroids launched by Moro, the world's dining room, a powerful wizard who absorbs the vital energy of the planets that attack to be stronger.

Fun focuses its attention on a nearby planet and absorbs its entire life, forming an energy ball that it consumes as if it were his food. He gets stronger and attacks Kaio-shin who met him again.

The galactic police (the old galactic patrol) come to the place and acknowledge the enemy: Fun, who totally eradicated the Iragi solar system and has eradicated an approximately 320 planets throughout the universe. They decide not to intervene, since they could not do anything against such a strong enemy.

The great Kaio-Shin then reveals his secret technique: Kai Kai Matoru, one whom he created and which he can share part of his divine power to seal the magic power of magic. Fun does not see this technique coming and is finally captured by Great Kaio-Shin.

He decides to turn him over to the Galactic Police and is sentenced to death, but because of his great power no one can hurt him, so they decide to lock him up for life. "

All this story is told by Merusu, one of the best warriors in the current galactic patrol after Goku and Vegeta have tried to stop catching Majin Buu. They ask both what this has to do with him, as Merusu replies when Boo was small, he absorbed the great Kaio-Shin after a fight with him, so now they have to contact him somehow to defeat Moro again.

Moros file

  • Name: Fun (ロ)
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: More than 10 million years
  • Profession: Sorcerer
  • Residence: Capture of the Galactic Patrol Jackets
  • Debut: Manga Chapter 43 of the Dragon Ball Super

Power and Techniques of Fun

It's not much known about Moro's extension of powers, but thanks to the first chapters of the new Dragon Ball Super manga, it can be seen that he has the following techniques:

  • Vital energy absorption
    Fun can drain any energy of any living being, a planet and even whole planetary systems. He does this in one.
  • Electric discharge
    After absorbing some vital energy or some celestial bodies, Moro provides numerous energy emissions around it.
  • telekinesis
    Through the use of his mind, Fun can move and control objects to be used in his favor in battle.
  • Identification of Ki
    Fun can know when a person identifies their energy and surprise the one who finds it.
  • flight
    The ability to fly through the control and use of your ki.

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