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adminDecember 27, 2018

Dragon Ball Super has a legion of fans around the world. In addition to watching the anime and buying the sleeves, there is a select group dedicated to buying the franchise collections. This is where it goes Figure Class and this impressive figure off Goku Ultra Instinct.

For those who collect objects Dragon Ball Super, we tell you Figure Class has opened reservation campaign of a figure off Goku with Ultra Instinct. The figure refers to the saga of Tournament of power of anime of Dragon Ball Super, especially to the fight against Jiren.

The figure of Dragon Ball Super It is a 1/4 scale piece with dimensions of 60 centimeters long with 55 long and 45 deep. For this it is added that the aura of Goku has LED lighting.

How much is the reservation? it website Order the $ 569 payment for this incredible piece Dragon Ball Super.

Do you dare to buy it?

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