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adminJanuary 8, 2019

To get to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, a lot of history has gone between manga and anime. Both channels of diffusion take certain freedoms to develop the Z Warriors plot, so there are usually discrepancies if we do not take the most specific details into account.

Sleeve off Dragon Ball SuperBecause of its flexibility in terms of text and length, it has original details that have not been taken into account for adaptation in anime. This was an interesting case, for example in Tournament of power, where Goku and Vegeta had episodes that only appear in many of Toyotaro.

The channel YouTube anzu361 He took the trouble to collect the anime inconsistencies explained in many of them Dragon Ball Super. In the pictures we will know some specific details that Toyotaro has paid more attention than the simple order of events. We know why Buu falls asleep and aspects of the biggest fighting in Tournament of power.

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"This is the story of a new saiyan. Earth lives in peace after the Power of the Power. Having understood that in the universes there are still many strong warriors to meet, Goku uses his days training to reach new levels. One day Goku and Vegeta will meet a Saiyajin called Broly, one they have never seen before, Saiyajins should have been almost exterminated after the destruction of the planet Vegeta, but what does it do on earth? among the three Saiyajins who have followed different destinations will be an amazing blow there Frieza (coming back from hell) will be caught. "


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