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adminJanuary 8, 2019

" Dragon Ball "It is one of the most popular franchises in the world, up until today and since 1984 continues to publish new content for its followers, its latest official film," Dragon Ball Super: Broly ", is the highest amount of all his productions.

But doubts remain in the minds of all their fans: where are the events "Dragon Ball Super "And" Dragon Ball GT "With this new chronology, remember that the GT was directed by Osamu Kasai, since Akira Toriyama did not want to do more content in the saga.

In this project, Toei Animation He accepted that the director did not participate directly, but asked him to design the main characters and, besides that, he chose acronyms that would follow the name meaning "Grand Touring"Or"Great tour"in Spanish.

After the beginning of the publication of " Dragon Ball Super ", many believed that the GT would be out of the official timeline, living as one "Great Dragon Ball Alternative History"which Toriyama himself confessed in "Dragon Book"from compilation DVD of"Dragon Ball GT".

Now new information is included in the Great Encyclopedia of " Dragon Ball", known as"Chauzhu's Volumes ", has revealed the true chronology that includes the latest events in" Dragon Ball Super "and add what happens during the GT.

How is the Dragon Ball Chronology?

" Dragon Ball Chōzenshū 4: Dragon Ball Super Encyclopedia "It compiles all exact dates for the most important events of the manga, according to this chronology," Dragon Ball Super "is among the ten lost years that have been since the defeat of Majin Buu in the year 778 to the beginning of" Dragon Ball GT"in the year 789, roughly.

Therefore, the film "The Battle of the Gods" is located in the same year of the Buu defeat, in 778, "The Resurrection of the Frieza" in 779 with Pana's birth, and Bra, the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, born in the year 780.

It is in this past year that the events in the Power Tournament take place, the battle for " Dragon Ball Super: Broly "and possibly the next manga arc," The Capture of the Galactic Patrol's History ", since it is in 781 where the 27th Tenkaichi Budōkai is celebrated, where Satan is again the winner of the tournament with Majin Buu in second place

This tournament has not been seen in manga or in anime, and there will be 3 years left for the next 28 Tenkaichi Budōkai, where Goku leaves with Oob to train him. The latter has appeared both in " Dragon Ball Super "as in" Dragon Ball GT", so it would be the character that unites both stories in the year 784.

According to this book, the events are in " Dragon Ball Super"will continue to expand for some years, so Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro They will have a long time before reaching the top moment where we see complete integration of the GT or its caste to implement multiple experiences of Goku and his friends. What will be the future of the franchise?

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