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adminJanuary 7, 2019

Dragon Ball Super: Broly It comes closer and closer to cinemas around the world. Japan already enjoyed this production of Toei Animation, while Dragon Ball Super anime is still being broadcast on the continent.

But think of something spatial, just like you worked in Dragon Ball Super and your name appears poorly written. One Sonny Strait, voice actor playing Krillin In the version that doubles English by anime, it just happened and made it known on the Internet.

" Sonny STRAIN? Maybe I was especially difficult that week in the studio", voice actor tweeted on social networks.

The catch belongs to the credits in episode 92 of Dragon Ball Super. The error may seem very simple, but it is mortifying if it is a work done with the highest possible professional quality.

From the production responsible for copying Dragon Ball Super To English, there was no statement about this typographical error. Alternatively, the error is corrected in the anime version Blu-ray.


"This is the story of a new saiyan. Earth lives in peace after the Power of the Power. Having understood that in the universes there are still many strong warriors to meet, Goku uses his days training to reach new levels. One day Goku and Vegeta will meet a Saiyajin called Broly, one they have never seen before, Saiyajins should have been almost exterminated after the destruction of the planet Vegeta, but what does it do on earth? among the three Saiyajins who have followed different destinations will be an amazing blow there Frieza (coming back from hell) will be caught. "

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