Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer: Goku & Vegeta's Gogeta fusion is a cannon

adminNovember 30, 2018

After a few weeks of speculation and leaks, Gogeta acts in Dragon ball Super: Broly has been confirmed. In brief, the Goku and Vegeta merger can be seen in their basic, Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue forms. It seems as if it is going to take both the Saiyan prince and Kakarot together to take Broly into the new movie.

For those who are not up at Dragon Ball lore, Gogeta is the merger between Goku and Vegeta. But this is actually another merger than the more famous Vegito, the association of the two Saiyans that require the use of Potara Earings. Instead, Gogeta comes from a perfect performance of Fusion Dance – the same dance Goten and Trunks uses to become Gotenks.

Gogetta's appearance in Broly is a big deal. His place in the Dragon Ball canon has been a source of debate for some time, just like Broly before the film was announced. Gogeta has appeared in a few places, especially Dragon Ball GT and the movie Fusion Reborn. None of these features are considered true Dragon Ball while Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a cannon. And although Gogeta has never appeared in a canonical piece of Dragon Ball fiction, Goku and Vegeta have driven the idea before – idea by him cannon, just not execution.

Finally, Gogeta shows himself Broly means something for the clean power level Broly must have in the movie. Goku has struggled to beat some opponents with his new Super Saiyan Blue and even Super Saiyan God-power – with Vegeta in a similar boat. If the two Saudians pride themselves on merging and defeating Broly, it seems that the legendary Super Saiyan will give the two greatest heroes of the earth a serious race for their money.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will meet Japanese theaters on December 14th, with the movie coming to the United States and Canada on January 16th next year.

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