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adminJanuary 7, 2019

"Dragon Ball"It is one of the most popular series in the world, its characters have become representatives of popular culture for generations, and not just in japan, its motherland, but also all over the world, especially in Latin America.

It all started with a manga written and illustrated in 1984 by Akira Toriyama, which quickly became one of the most readers of the Japanese publisher Shueisha, so Toei Animation He began to adapt the story of Goku and his friends two years after the publication began.

Anime has had different adaptations, goes from "Dragon Ball"And"Dragon Ball Z " to an original production of animation production called "Dragon Ball GT ". In addition, Toei made a new edition of Dragon Ball Z, which he called "Dragon Ball Kai", with HD graphics.

However, it was not until 2015 that the audience of the original story received news Akira Toriyama, father of everything. Next to Toei Animation announced on April 28, 2015, a new series called "Dragon Ball Super", who would continue the facts of the saga of Majin Boo.

This, unlike previous productions, was launched as an animated series before becoming manga, and was Toyotaro, Japan's famous manga, which is responsible for its continuity to this day.

Now that the movie has been released "Dragon Ball Super: Broly"In Japan, where one of the most popular characters came out of the original story, many fans are wondering what's next for the franchise.

Manga and anime from "Dragon Ball Super"

The future of both productions is linked and seems clear in the following years. Toyotaro, after completing "Universal Survival Arc", with the last match in the Power Tournament, the next bow titled"Prisoner of the galactic patrol".

It lies after what happened in the movie, after the last fight against Broly, the legendary Saiyan. In this bow, Vegeta and Goku interrupted their training by Bulma, who tells them about a kidnapping in Satan's house.

Both Saiyajins come with the surprise that Galactic patrol I was kidnapped Majin Boo and when they try to stop the members, they are stunned and dragged to the ship with him. Upon awakening, they discover that a new enemy has awakened, and now they have to help catch him to interfere with the police.

It is expected that manga will continue until they have a clear plot structure to begin producing anime if they did not start it. In this case Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation They will work together again to take this arc to the small screen.

New movie of "Dragon Ball Super"

One of the biggest reasons why "Dragon Ball Super: Broly"It's been a success at the box office, that's the fact that Akira Toriyama took a sign outside the official cannon to work within the original series.

As Broly and Gogeta are quite popular characters outside of Japan, Toriyama was inspired by the same fans to make the most of their past stories and give them a new perspective to fit into the official anime.

In this way, many fans expect the creator of "Dragon Ball" to repeat the same process and present their own version of the characters from the movies Bojack, Android 13 and Cooler, and consider that both Frieza and King Cold have received a new Retouching his animated image, his Successors are eager to see more members of the unofficial franchise.

Video Game of "Dragon Ball Super"

While some of the characters in "Dragon Ball Super"they have joined some video games like"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ", the last release of the franchise was "Dragon Ball FighterZ ", which debuted in early 2018 with some success.

In February 2019, Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, Cell, Piccolo and Trunks will repeat on the consoles as part of another fighting game called "Jump Force", which will also integrate other famous characters from Japanese animation such as Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo.

"Dragon Ball Heroes: Universal Conflict"

Outside the cannon, but with signs of "Dragon Ball""Dragon Ball Heroes"will debut a new bow this January 10, 2019 in Japan:"Universal conflict"where he will revive the evil Zamasu and the mighty Jiren, presented for the first time in"Dragon Ball Super".

This is synopsis of "Dragon Ball Heroes: Universal Conflict":

"Tribes, Vegeta and the others manage to escape from the planetary prison, but before they can heal their wounds, they receive information that Universe 6 is under attack." What awaits Vegeta and the others while walking towards the Universe is facing an unknown enemy. Strong battles between the strongest warriors in each universe are prepared while the curtain opens to the new arc of "Universal Conflict"

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