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adminDecember 31, 2018

Do you know this sentence, "This is a lot of Dragon Ball", what do we say when we look at (or read) something about homeric battles, changes in the planet's geography, and cosmic "rajadões" seen from the other hemisphere? Well, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is very Dragon Ball.

The first movie for the Super universe, the continuation of the Goku saga and the company seen on the TV finally gave the faces. And before you bring rocks, both The Battle of the Gods and the Renaissance of Freeza, the last two Dragon Ball films, are actually part of the Z series of the franchise (just check the poster, go there).

Back in the film, he puts on the map, now canonically, one of the most famous and powerful characters throughout the franchise. This is a very important achievement, especially for those who follow Dragon Ball Super's adventures of Cartoon Network, or accompanied by Crunchyroll, because it brings back the character that was the inspiration for one of the warriors of Universe 6, Kale, the shy sister and super power of Caulifla.

There are many differences between the original movie version and the current movie version. In fact, the new movie acts as a reboot for the character, who got more personality and a new purpose, much better than the simple madness borne by the classic character because of not being able to hear Son Goku's voice, if I may say.

Short summary of the story (and no spoilers) we have a direct continuation of anime with Broly. With the end of the Power Tournament, peace has reigned on the planet, and Goku and Vegeta continue their daily sparring sessions. Everyone is still a little skeptical of Frazza's whereabouts, which can attack at any time, but nothing that will take any sleep.

Already in the depths of space, we find a ship with two crews in the Freeza army that is heading for an emergency signal from a spacecraft trapped on a desolate planet. There they find two saiyajin, Paragas and Broly, who had been lost for decades without the opportunity to return to their home ground.

Papinho here and there, Paragas goes to the Freeza Army and next to Broly, they go to Earth to demonstrate the power of one of the wildest Shiites who have ever appeared in the universe. And from then on you know what happens because of the movie trailers, right?

What is worth mentioning is the new origin of the character, which gives him a desire for a day to become a repeated figure of the adventures of the Dragon Ball Super. But in a slightly more efficient way, not with two sequels that just shrunk the character (movies from the old chronology: Broly 2 goes, but Broly 3 is a real shame).

The quality of the animation of the fighting is of jaw release. Absolutely nothing compared to what is found in traditional anime and super updated to the standards of modern animation. The maximum proof that you can make beautiful if mr. Toei spends some money. The amount of effects generated in computer graphics is also the largest ever seen in the feature films in the franchise. Next to the new soundtrack, which seems like a kind of "announcer" when introducing the characters to the battle, that character gives updated tone without distorting its essence.

The voices of the characters called were cool. We have expected the return of the dummies of the animated series by weight, but given the number of characters that work effectively in the movie, not everyone can meet it. However, I took a little care of some minor characters, especially with Remo, a more experienced soldier and Chirai's partner, both ruffles in the Dragon Ball Super. In the original version, Remus is expressed by Tomokazu Sugita, one of the most prominent seiyuus in the Japanese market. In Brazil, the grade was not given so much importance.

Bin Shimada, seiyuu responsible for giving life to Broly from the past, returns to the role again, this time with a few sentences in addition to the usual scream of the character. In Brazil, Broly was pronounced by Dado Monteiro, who had also made the original movie, but it is impossible not to notice that the character's scream in the movie is mostly advertised by the Japanese voice actor, showing that Shimada-san is still one of the most impressive juveniles on the market, even today (Japanese is already 64 years old).

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will make you laugh and stand up from the screaming chair, so much thrill in the battle between the saiyajins. Believe me, maybe he can tear her away. It had been a while since a Dragon Ball movie didn't hit as much as it hit. Hard to get back to routinely with Dragon Ball Super forever after this movie, seriously.

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