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Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2018, Kiara Liz Ortega, was reclaimed weeks after her presentation at Miss Universe 2018, held in mid-December in Thailand. This was removed from public life by the death of a close family member and the Christmas season.

"I already feel restored after these two weeks, because people sometimes forget that I trained for Miss Puerto Rico, and after I won, there were two intense months for Miss Universe. [de diciembre] and today it's what I've done, rest, be in the family, think about this new year and what to do, says 25-year-old beauty in an interview with Metro.

Ortega marked the love and attention he received from the Thai followers during the weeks he spent in concentration with 92 other candidates from around the world.

"We here in Puerto Rico are fans of the competition, but they are fanatics otherwise, they love Cynthia a lot. [Olavarría, primera finalista de Miss Universo 2005]Since I arrived, they talked about her. For them, the Puerto Rico is the Queen's Land. I received a lot of gratitude and devotion. In all the exits he dedicated time and messages. When the result of Miss Universe was given, when I left, it was full. When they saw me, they all rolled together, hugged me and I comforted them. It was a fanatic who was always very aware of me and he was crying relentlessly. I said "calm, don't worry, I'm happy". They told me "Puerto Rico" you are the queen. For me, there was something very emotional. "

Although she did not win the crown, Kiara said the admiration and love she received from her compatriots during the competition, and the last night that took place on December 16, is more important.

"Something that I had very clear and I learned from my experience is that I went straight to the crown." On that path, I discovered that more important than the crown was the love of Puerto Rico that I won, a gratitude, admiration, and great thing that a dime can't buy, sometimes you can get what you want, but there are many things you lose. "

What happened to José Karlo's red suit?

If the dress she wanted at the end of Portuguese designer José Karlo, the queen said it was a last-minute change after she lost several pounds and was not confident with the red piece.

"For now, we had planned to wear Sherri Hills suit, and in the end I was going to wear a red José Karlo suit, a beautiful suit with some gemstones, it cost a little to add and I never trained well with When I arrived in Thailand I used it on the day of the dressing, for the stones that were added, I think, the suit was stretched, I had also lowered a few pounds and in the attempt I tried to go, but I stumbled To avoid problems I decided to replace it and use it from Sherri Hill who had tried it and had done well with it, I always planned to wear José Karlo's costume. "

From her upcoming plans, Puerto Rican said she's considering options to lead her future.

"There are several offers on the table, we need to study them, evaluate them and see what's best for me, I'm still Miss Puerto Rico until the next queen is selected, and while every decision needs to be made by the organization. some yes, others like maybe and others who don't, but we'll determine the next few days we'll meet. "

One advice that Kiara Liz gave to the next queen in Puerto Rico is that she appreciates the love of her countrymen.

"Don't let it be out of focus because that love is worth more than a dime, let it be focused, but let it know that the best ally will be the love of its people."

Kiara greets readers to Metro

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