Doomba: Roomba vacuum cleaner sucks its own judgment streams

adminDecember 27, 2018

Rich Whitehouse's Doomba software uses the Roomba vacuum cleaner robot's digital maps and converts them to doom levels. So your own apartment can become a playground, like Polygon reports.

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Meanwhile, many Roombas can capture rooms via VSLAM, also known as visual placement and association. Instead of following the chaos principle, modern Roomba units move methodically back and forth as if they were pigs. This makes them much more efficient than previous models. For this, the devices must create detailed maps of the house.

Doomba stock vacuum from Doom-Level data (Image: Rich Whitehouse)

Doomba uses these cards to create doom levels. The Whitehouse only tested the software with the Roomba 980. It connects to the vacuum cleaner robot via the WLAN and reads out the map data.

Roomba 980 costs approx. 1000 euro list price in Germany and now around 700 euros in online trading. He has Wi-Fi and many sensors on board, as he creates a picture of the room while he is driving and locating himself. This happens without GPS, just by mapping the room.

Whitehouse worked on titles like Prey and Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. He also developed a tool called Neosis that helps game developers and designers move maps and objects between platforms. The Doomba module works on similar principles; It only takes the digital maps created by Roomba's internal software and converts them to doom levels.

"I hope you have fun with this feature", writes Whitehouse. "Some will say it is pointless, but I think that the dark Lord will exterminate these people from the ground and keep them trapped in a dimension of eternal hellfire, their suffering becomes legendary."

Neosis is available free of charge.

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