"Don't take my child away!"

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Sarah & Pietro: The DSDS Drapes Separate

For Pietro Lombardi, his journey also began on DSDS 2011 a love story of the extra class, He got to know Sarah and love, the couple left the show as a couple. From that moment on, they spent five and a half years together.

Followed in 2013 dream breakup, 2014, they moved into their own house, 2015, son Alessio was born. The little scion had a rough start in life – a situation that welded together the DSDS dream tree. Sarah and Pietro shared everything with the audience at the time, was accompanied by great camera decisions.

But with the pressure from the audience The young parents lost sight of each otheruntil the relationship broke in October 2016. Sarah had her husband Wondered with his ex-girlfriend Michal, A shock to the nation – and above all a shock to the 26-year-old. Suddenly he stood in front of nothing – no apartment, no idea how to get his life under control. But his greatest fear was to lose his sonas he revealed in the interview.

Sad confession: "I was afraid that Alessio will forget me"

IN RTL-The document "Pietro Lombardi Story" now looks back on the past of the "phenomenal" artist. He suddenly thought of Sarah's love-off:

I have no job, Sarah and Pietro were a mark.

But not only the job situation concerned him, but above all the question asked him: How does Alessio go? After all, for Pietro since his wife's case, it was clear: there would never be a love comeback, the marriage was before him and the family was broken.

I told her, "Listen, we're divorced, but don't take my child!"

so opposite Pietro RTL,

I was afraid that he (Alessio, the editor's note) will forget me.

But despite that the public camp fight The DSDS couple gathered for mini-Lombardi. Sara said to Pietro at that time:

Look, this is your child, I didn't do it alone. You can see him whenever you want,

reveals Pietro. He is still grateful to Sarah that she never denied contact with her son. Meanwhile, ex-couples spend holidays like Christmas, Easter and of course the junior's birthday together – just for Alessio's sake.

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