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The sample Forever Celia, that stays open to March 31 at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, offers a chronological review of prizes, triumphs and key moments of the career of the unforgettable Celia Cruz, nearly 15 years after her physical disappearance, died on July 16, 2003.

By: Miami Daily Newspaper

From theirs the beginning of Cuba to your funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York and the massive farewell that his successors gave him The freedom tower in Miami, can be seen in the pictures presented in this unprecedented exhibition about the life of a Latin artist.

But it is the reconstruction of his private world, the objects that surrounded it, and proving his honor and even his beliefs in making this journey through the museum halls a journey into his privacy.

A life

In the section dedicated to yours life in Cuba, to your childhood and youth highlights a prie-dieu and a picture of Celia asking for their affection. Those who knew her well said that the first thing she did when they came to a city was to look for a church to go to mass.

Also before you leave Miami, sometimes from On her way to the airport, she asked to be taken to Ermita de la Caridad, Pardillo account. The exhibition includes one of her most beloved objects of affection, a little virgin virgin, who left her with her from Cuba and followed her through her life.

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It's also that memorable image of a very young Celia, slanted, with a bow, her hands hitting a perfect face and still childish, and a wide dress of a fabric by those who caress. It was the picture of the glamor of times, of a Cuba who knew how to dance, which stood out for its music gift to the world with Beny, Guillot and the same Sonora Matancera who welcomed Celia's powerful voice.

On the journey one begins to feel the desire to move the body. His music, in the background, soft to accommodate the enjoyment of the view, we see. The mixed feelings follow each other. We think of the pain of leaving his neighborhood, his family, his mother – his beloved Oyita, whom he never saw again.

"Celia is the excellence of exile", he says Ileana Fuentes, founder of the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, confirm it "People cry" looks at the exhibit from the moment it goes to the end oforque in "we have a piece of celia and in it was one of us".

His life is that of the members of the diaspora who could not return, says Fuentes.

But this sadness is loosened as we move through the exhibition, and we see his joy on the stage. We feel that the exile, which seems like its condemnation, becomes its destiny, because outside the world of Guarachera comes the world. Celia is then friend of Tito Puente, of Aretha Franklin, of Gloria Gaynor, of Lola Flores, of Gloria Estefan. It is the model of India, it is one of the worshipers of Marc Anthony, of Víctor Manuelle, it is legendary and young at the same time, and the exhibition is trying it step by step.

It has lived very well in recreation of the cabin of the plane that took Celia Cruz with Fania All-Stars to Africa, to the historic concert they offered in 1974 in Zaire, today the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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