Donald Trump and Kanye West: 17 surreal moments

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Which is the closest thing I've felt to the president, because he felt all those same things when he saw the rapper and the famous president interacting in front of the cameras. ("Interact" probably over-sells it.) Kanye simply spoke to Trump, with an occasional pause to hug the president or show him a plane from his phone.)

It was a particularly Trumpian spectacle. Kanye was invited, along with the great Jim Brown of the NFL, apparently to talk about prison reform, but he was actually taken to the White House because a) he is a celebrity b) says nice things about Trump and c) guarantees the Eyeballs and enthusiasm everywhere. goes

And, of course, everyone watched, even if they said they did not want or did not care, because it was impossible to get away from the show. Kanye did not talk much about the prison reform but, again, I'm not sure what the hell he talked about.

I saw everything because, once again, how could you not? Below are the 17 most surreal moments, rare and unique in the White House. Some are quotes. Some are observations. Some, well, can not be adequately described with words. I did not classify them in any established order, because how in the world would you do that?

1. Trump's face

Rapper Kanye West, second from left, stands up while speaking during a meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House Oval Office on October 11, 2018 in Washington, DC.

I mean, absolutely epic. I think you can see Trump thinking "Was it a mistake?" during the middle-late section of Kanye's speech. But then Kanye landed the plane (rhetoric) – somehow – and Trump seemed thrilled with all the attention. Everything is fine, that ends well, or something like that.

2. "So there is a theory that – there are infinite amounts of universe and there is an alternative universe, so it is very important to me [Larry] Hoover, because in an alternative universe, I am him and I have to go free him. "


In addition, Hoover is the founder of a gang in Chicago, which currently serves six consecutive life sentences in a supermax prison in Colorado. West had advocated the release of Hoover before, especially with a "Free Hoover" sweatshirt during his recent appearance on "Saturday Night Live."

3. the hug

President Donald Trump embraces rapper Kanye West during a meeting at the Oval Office of the White House on October 11, 2018 in Washington, DC.

We are all witnesses. "I love this guy here," Kanye explained. "Let me give this guy a hug, I love this guy here."

(Later, Kanye embraced Jon Karl, from ABC, I guess it's just as many opportunities).

4. "It was something about when I put on this hat … It made me feel like Superman, that's my favorite superhero, and you made me a Superman cape."

Superman. Cap.

5. Kanye swearing

It's just that not every day you hear legitimate bad words, not like H-E-L-L, they are pronounced publicly in the Oval Office. "Put the whistle on it, whatever you want," Kanye kindly pointed out to the press gathered after he swore for the first time. I can not say he did not warn us!

6. "The Yeezy effect"

Kanye, talking about how the Make America Great Again hat gave her courage, talked about how she got into business with Adidas, and how Adidas suddenly started earning a lot of money. This is, of course, "the Yeezy effect."

7. Abolition of the 13th Amendment

Kanye has received great criticism in the past for his defense of getting rid of the amendment to the Constitution that prohibits slavery. Apparently, it has not stopped his desire for the amendment to be revoked. This is how West explained it with Trump on Thursday: "If you are building a flat, the constitution is the basis of our industry, our country, our company, do you accidentally happen something, fall and end up next to the Unabomber?" Uh

8. "Then he said he was not really bipolar, he had sleep problems that can cause dementia in 10 to 20 years, he would not even remember my son's name."

As recently as August, West spoke openly about being diagnosed as bipolar and referred to the condition as his "superpower".

9. Kanye about saying "drug"

"I do not really say drugs, I do not say negative words, we just say universal, positive, lovely, divine words." Wise words.

10. Kanye showed Trump a hydrogen airplane on his phone.

Rapper Kanye West, on the left, shows a picture of an airplane on a telephone to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, during a meeting at the White House Oval Office on October 11, 2018 in Washington, DC.
While trying to point out that the president of the United States has to have the best, and the most advanced technology, so that our country can win, Kanye took out his iPhone and showed him the iPlane-1, a hydrogen plane backed by apple. "This is what our president should be flying," Kanye insisted, well, everyone.

11. Kanye's iPhone password is "000000"

When he opens his phone to show Trump the iPlane-1, Kanye enters his six-digit access code. Y as an eagle-eyed observer named "Del Slappo" noticed on Twitter, That access code is only six zeros. Amazing.

12. Kanye called Jared Kushner "Jerry"

While showing the picture of the iPlane, Kanye addresses the president's son-in-law and says: "Look at this, Jerry." Difficult things for Jerry.

13. Trump's reaction when Kanye stopped talking.

"That was quite a bit, that was something."


14. Kanye's reaction to Trump's reaction.

"It was from the soul, I just channeled it."

15. "I do not answer the questions in simple pieces of sound, you're trying a good wine, you have several notes."

Honestly, the same.

16. The "hero's journey".

Here is Kanye, um, something: "Everything we really have is today, we only have it today, over and over again, the journey of the hero, and Trump is in the path of his hero right now and may not think that I would be crazy. " Motherf **** r, like Kanye West's support and, what's better, we think we're going to make the United States great. "

Donald Trump 2020: is on the journey of his hero.

17. That time Kanye channeled Rust Cohle

"Because time is a myth, everything we have is now, everything we have is today." — YE

"Time is a flat circle." – oxide


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