Dominique Crenn, the first female chef to get three Michelin stars in the United States

adminNovember 30, 2018

Head Dominique Crenn in New York, in 2017.
Head Dominique Crenn in New York, in 2017. DANIEL ZUCHNIK / AFP

A Breton woman amazes palms over the Atlantic Ocean. Dominique Crenn became the first woman in the United States on Thursday, November 29, who was awarded three stars in the prestigious Michelin Guide, for the restaurant Crenn Workshop, As she opened in San Francisco, California in 2011.

" Crenn Workshop is one of the most sought after restaurants this year, with first class experience every time we visit. The current menu shows an extraordinary blend of grace, artistic talent, knowledge and taste », sums up Michelin in a statement.

Her head shines more like another of her San Francisco establishments, dubbed Bar Crenn, specialized in proofreading classics of French food, wins a star in the 2019 edition of the guide.

"This is a huge recognition for my team above all, and for all the work we have done for so many years"phoned Agence France-Presse (AFP) by telephone. Dominique Crenn. "There are not so many stars as the work you are dedicated to throughout your life and it is nice to get acquainted with it", added to the 53-year-old who has celebrated this award "Much rosé", and champagne for their team.

"I want this amazing team, who has been with me for a long time, to take advantage of this great moment. I can be the designer, but they are the ones who work every night."

A culinary scene that explodes

Dominique Crenn also hopes that this distinction will serve as an inspiration for all the young women, that they are destined for the kitchen or for another trade. "I tell them today: "You can be what you want"It has nothing to do with the genre (…). Do not let anyone get lost! "

SingleThread, another restaurant located in Northern California, also received three stars. "The culinary scene in San Francisco is exploding right now (…). The teams in& Atelier Crenn and SingleThread can be particularly proud, as our inspectors were very impressed with the quality of the products used in the composition of their dishes. If we pay close attention to detail, creativity and willingness to treat their customers, they always allow to offer guests a memorable dining experience "said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of Michelin Guides.

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Born in France, Mme Crenn says he inherited his interest in cooking from his parents, who were fine gourmets. She began her education in San Francisco in 1988 before taking over the kitchen of Intercontinental Hotel in Jakarta in 1997. She returned to California shortly after, where she worked for a number of years at a Manhattan Beach restaurant. , near Los Angeles.

It was in 2011 that she openedCrenn Workshop in San Francisco, quickly getting a star, then a second. Dominique Crenn had been chosen "Best Female Leader of the World" in 2016, a reward against which she also rebelled judged "Stupid" to make such a distinction in his profession.

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