Dominic Cibulka's fans have read the real coat! Here is her reaction

adminNovember 29, 2018

She also told us how she could afford it.

Dominika Cibulkov√° is famous for his passion in fashion. Because, thanks to the kingdom of the year and the successful sporting career of middle-aged Slovak, the council will spend even more expensive pieces. Her latest capture, however, provoked stormy debates, and a big wave of criticism swept our best tennis player.

The tale is about the fake expensive Fendi fur jacket, which costs around 40,000 euros, and as it is made of real fur, dozens die of animals. Dominicine fans gave it to him without a napkin to show that they did not like being used to wearing real furskins.

We met the player to launch a new collection of diamonds of a famous brand, with whom he has collaborated for many years. We asked her what she was talking about in this "matter". You can find the answer to the question and how you can afford it in the video.

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