Domenico de Cicco reunited with his mother's mother

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Is it banging or sparking? Since it became known that only Evelyn Burdecki, 30, and Domenico de Cicco, 35, gather in the "jungle", the audience speculates how the first meeting with the ex-couple will be. When it comes to the TV star, there will definitely be no love comeback because he has returned to his mother's mother. It is okay?

Domenico de Cicco gets 2nd chance from his ex

Old love does not praise – this of course also applies to Domenico de Cicco and his ex-girlfriend Julia. it "Bachelor in Paradise"– Star is actually back with her daughter's mother. And OBWOHL he with Evelyn Burdecki cheated had. Can the 25-year-old really forgive him for that?

It was a blatant time. But these are old things for me, I no longer think about it. We decided on one new beginning to do

Julia explains in an interview "RTL",

And also the reality star assures that she is the only one for him:

The woman who makes me happy is the child's mother. It's just amazing. Everything is fine right now.

After giving birth to her daughter Lia Noella in September, the couple came back together.

After the birth of my daughter, Julia and I have Recently got to know and loved.

condemns the candidate "Bachelorette" "Image".

For the girlfriend of the TV stars there was no doubt that their Italians great love is:

I never gave up. I knew this man belongs to me and the fighting was well worth it.

Can he really resist Evelyn Burdecki?

Can Domenico de Cicco really keep its loyalty promise? For in a few days he is only with his exquisite Evelyn Burdecki-ins "RTL Jungle Camp" draw. Common challenges, romantic nights at the campfire – is not the Italian concerned that old feelings come back to life?

Everyone make mistakes. It's human. We trust each other, that's the most important thing

The 35-year-old clarifies. After all, Julia can see the next two weeks in front of her TV with her own eyes, whether the full-blooded macho is really loyal. I hope it doesn't give a rude awakening …

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