Domenico De Cicco: Love comeback before leaving for the jungle camp

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Updated January 9, 2019, 16:26

Tuesday night, Domenico De Cicco said goodbye to the jungle. At Frankfurt Airport, he surprised with a love command shortly before departure.

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Domenico De Cicco leads a rather turbulent love life amidst the German TV landscape. Unforgettable was the public separation of ex-boyfriend Evelyn Burdecki when she found out that the former "Bachelorette" candidate has a pregnant ex-partner. In October 2018, the common child was born.

As Evelyn Burdecki enters the jungle this year, many fans had hoped for a possible love comeback. But this hope was close on Tuesday night when De Cicco introduced himself to the pending photographer again with ex-girlfriend Julia.

"After the birth we got to know each other a new way and to love each other, so we are together and happy for a few months," revealed the 35-year-old to the news agency.

Rose war in the jungle camp?

In disputes with his ex-boyfriend, the new father has no desire. "I respect her and hope she respects me too, otherwise she's just a regular jungle camping for me," he said before leaving. (NAS)
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