Dolph Lundgren thinks that Creed II gives Ivan Drago the redemption

adminNovember 20, 2018

Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa faced some tough opponents during his boxing career, but possibly the most dangerous of them was Ivan Drago, also known as the Siberian Express. However, in regards to personality, there was not much for Ivan in Rocky iv, since he was presented as a mostly emotionless brute aimed solely at winning. More than 30 years after his debut, Ivan returns to the Rocky franchise in Credo II, and Dolph Lundgren thinks that this film finally redeems Ivan in regards to characterization. As the actor said while remembering Rocky iv.

It was my great opportunity, but it also pigeonholed me. People think: & # 39; It's a robot and has no emotions & # 39; Now I can do the opposite, and it's very, very satisfying.

Ivan Drago was the third great antagonist of the Rocky franchise. The protagonist of the same name faced Apollo Creed twice, and although the character of Carl Weathers was braggart, reckless and willing to make fun of Rocky as necessary, in the end, he and Rocky became friends. Then there was Clubber Lang in Rocky III, which was especially belligerent and indirectly caused the death of Rocky's coach, Mickey Goldmill. Ivan Drago was a sharp deviation of these two men: silent and unwilling to verbally engage their opponent out of a few words of choice ("I must break you" will always be a classic).

While this description of robot helped Ivan Drago to distinguish himself from previous Rocky rogues, as pointed out by Dolph Lundgren, this led to Rocky iv The viewers thought that the actor himself had nothing to offer emotionally. The act of playing such an iconic character in his first appearance in a major film clearly gave people the wrong impression of Lundgren, but Credo II, it not only manages to repeat the character, but it also finally gives it something more emotional depth and humanity.

The last time we stayed with Ivan Drago in Rocky iv, he and Rocky were in the heart of Mother Russia about to die, Ivan was determined to be really the best fighter in the world and Rocky was looking for revenge for the death of Apollo Creed. It was a difficult game, but in the end Rocky was victorious and delivered a passionate speech so that the United States and the Soviet Union finally, for all intents and purposes, put an end to the Cold War. Who knew that a boxing match could be so shocking? Then again Rocky ivThe reality of it's feels more intense and extreme compared to the other movies.

However, even if you are victorious in a fight against a brute like Ivan Drago, that does not mean you get out of harm's way. As critically ridiculed as he is, Rocky v He showed that the pain that Ivan inflicted on Rocky left him with brain damage, forcing him to retire from boxing. Rocky managed to overcome this health problem more than a decade later in Rocky Balboa, but as he tells Adonis Creed in one of the Credo II trailers about Ivan, "I broke things that never worked."

As for Ivan Drago, the decades after the events of Rocky iv they were not nice to him, and Credo II he will see him trying to recover the glory he lost when he was defeated by Rocky. Initially, Dolph Lundgren hesitated to repeat the character because he did not want to damage Ivan's image, but once he read the script, he changed his mind and was willing to visit his most iconic role.

As we have learned from the Credo II In marketing and interviews, Dolph Lundgren lost everything when he was beaten by Rocky, which included being kicked out of Russia and having his wife divorce him. All he had left was his son Viktor, who is trained to be one of the best fighters in the world. Through Viktor, Ivan sees the chance to recover what was taken from him, and having Viktor shot down against Adonis Creed, the son of the man who killed Ivan in the ring, will help make that happen.

Even though Credo II We will mainly follow Viktor Drago and Adonis Creed coming to blows, do not think that means we will not have juicy scenes between Ivan Drago and Rocky Balboa. Later, in his interview with THR, Dolph Lundgren recalled filming the scene in which Ivan and Rocky meet for the first time in decades and Ivan explains how his life has been since his confrontation. In the words of Lundgren:

That scene was rewritten a couple of times. They took away some things that seemed wonderful to me and I struggled to put them back on. Things got back on because I said "I will not shoot in any other way". People have to understand where I come from, and that's one of the few scenes where we understand what the hell this guy is. And it was an important scene and I am very happy that it is in the image, almost in the original version. There were about five versions of that.

There have also been behind-the-scenes images showing that Rocky and Ivan will enter at least one fist fight during Credo II, so clearly the passage of time has not changed how they feel each other. Who can blame them? Ivan killed one of Rocky's closest friends and Ivan sees Rocky as the cause of why he has suffered so much.

Credo II director Steven Caple Jr. also noted that instead of portraying Ivan Drago as the "typical bad boy" in the sequel, he wanted people to feel for him and for Viktor at the end of the film. Then while Rocky iv I present Ivan as a villain until the end, Credo II is to build the character and make it more comprehensive. Compared to Rocky and Adonis, the Dragos are not so nice, but at least this sequel will ideally do a good job for the audience to understand their side of the story.

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