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adminNovember 23, 2018

The controversy has surrounded Blac Chyna since she began promoting a Whitenicious skin cream. Now there are rumors that she does not even use the product!

Blac Chyna, 30, infuriated his fans on November 19 when the news broke that he is promoting a controversial cream to lighten the skin of the Whitenicious company. The reaction was rapid. But now, a new report states that while the mother of two may be promoting the product, she does not actually use the cream, which costs $ 250 per bottle. Sources close to Chyna have counted TMZ that's just an opportunity to make money and she has not used Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating and Brightening Cream, supposedly.

This new development in the story comes four days after his representatives told the site that he used Whitenicious's dark spot corrector to help combat hyperpigmentation. That does not mean – and TMZ He states that the representatives never said: that he uses this new cream he is promoting (although he has his name on it). Hollywoodlife We contacted the representatives of Blac Chyna for clarification and comments, but we have not received a response yet.

It is not the first time that Chyna is accused of whitening her skin. In May, fans speculated that she is several shades lighter than she was before, after she shared a video of her manicured nails on Instagram and, in the opinion of many, her hands looked pretty clean. "Sad how dark women want to be light-skinned," wrote one person in the comments section. The reaction has been even worse since he announced that he is flying to Nigeria and will be in Lagos on November 25 to promote Whitenicious. A person tweeted, "@BLACCHYNA you're disgusting to dispense with beautiful dark-skinned women for your own benefit. Take your skin face too expensive and push it, you're a **, not literally how you dare. "

Meanwhile, the comment section in the Instagram posts that promote Whitenicious on your page seems to have been deactivated or edited. It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds and how Chyna will be received in Africa in the midst of this controversy. Stay tuned!

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