Does JK Rowling have a history of transphobic tweets?

adminJanuary 10, 2019

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As a result LGBTQ Nation The Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has a terrible story of transphobic tweets dating back to March 2018.

This has been a problem for fans, as Rowling tends to be the side of trans-exclusive commentators, a feature that has alienated transgender and non-binary fans who strongly identified with the world she created and were very supportive of her left leaning platform.

In March 2018, Rowling enjoyed another Twitter user identified on the platform as @racybearhold. The current Tweet spoke to the user's misogyny issues in the British Labor Party, but included the line "Men in Dresses Getting Brocialist Solidarity I Have Never Had."

The current Twitter user who posted anti-transgender discs to Twitter before and identifies himself as "sexually critical" is a euphemism commonly used by those who are actually anti-transgender.

In the wake of fanatical extinctions over this incident, Rowling's public claimed that it was random in nature and told Pink News That, "I'm afraid of J.K. Rowling had a lumpy and middle-aged moment, and this is not the first time she has preferred to keep the phone wrong.

Similar was removed from Rowling's Twitter feed. Still, Rowling continues to resemble anti-transgender content: In October 2017, she liked a Tweet link to an article on medium that claimed that transgender women should be held out of women's room because of rape.

Rowling's "middle-aged moments" were not the end of her affinity with trasnphobes, with the author once enjoying an anti-transgender tweet last September. Once again, she endorsed an anti-transgender pundit who spoke to transgender women in the media.

Rowling has written a crime series under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith – and in one of the stories of detective Cormoran Strike, she introduces a transsexual character.

In history, published in 1997, a trans woman named Pippa attempted to stab Strike. Detective fields Pippa, demanding identification. Her ID reveals the birth of her birth, which leads to comments about Pippa's Adam's apple. Pippa, meanwhile, is trying to pause from Strike out an office door.

"If you go for that door once in a while, I'll call the police and I'll witness and be happy to see you go down for attempted murder. And it won't be fun for you inside, Pippa," he added. "Not pre-up," says Strike to Pippa.

Rowling has never been on record to make her views on transgender rights known, before she does, we can only judge her by the company she holds.

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