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Grace Miguel spent nine years with singer Usher, three of whom were his wife. When the first woman now accused the 40-year-old of having unprotected sex with her, even though he knew he was suffering from genital herpes, Grace stopped him. She believed in her loyalty and innocence. Then, several suspect victims gradually came out with their stories. A total of three women and a man accuse Usher of the same offense, three he should have really infected.

On the surface everything is gratifying

In March 2017, Grace (49) and Usher announced that they would divorce. "We made the decision together, we are still close friends, and we will continue to support each other," it said in its official statement.

Assets already shared

Only on Friday, almost a year later, Usher filed for divorce. Grace Miguel was also Usher's boss. She is said to have ended with her in 2016, but on the official documents, 24.12.2017 is stated as the day of separation. But apparently, the soon-to-be ex-wife's common sense and an eye for money. Because Usher first threw his villa on the market. "TMZ" wants to have learned that the singer's fortune is already shared. What is still missing is the signature of a judge on the divorce papers.

1.1 million hush money

In the wake of the scandal involving the two women and the man who claimed to have been infected by Usher, another skeleton came from the singer's past to light. Usher slept with his then 19-year-old stylist in 2012. At that time he could prevent a trial. He should have paid her $ 1.1 million.

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