Does Cluj no longer need "money"? Poor public administration. € 68,000, thrown on Florin Piersics day and January 24

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Cluj-Napoca Town Hall organizes a celebratory event in honor of actor Florin Piersic at the age of 83 on January 26 in "Florin Piersic" Cinema. The cost of organizing the event amounts to just over € 28,000. Until now, details of the event are not known, if they are vacant or those who wish to wish them "Congratulations on the day" to Peers Master, must pay a ticket.

Local councilors will vote next week and approve the allocation of 130,000 lei from the local budget for 2019 to organize an anniversary event with actor Florin Piersic.

Florin Piersic was born on January 27, 1936 in Cluj and is one of the greatest actors he has given to Romania over time. On January 26, 2011, the "Republic" cinema in Cluj-Napoca was renamed the "Florin Piersic" cinema.

"Since Florin Piersic celebrates 83 years, we want to organize a special cultural and artistic gay day on January 26th in the Florin Piersic cinema with unique moments of theater, opera and folklore. Piersic 100,000 lei (expenses related to the artist's performances – fee, transport, accommodation and meals), 5000 lei (sound and light costs) and 25.000 lei -, the draft decision says.

What could have been spent on the money? For example, Mayoralty could have bought this money for those who benefit from social benefits, four Dacia Logan cars or a comfort apartment 3 for social affairs.

"Mărgelatu" is angry at Emil Boc

The actor in Cluj is angry that the cinematographer named after him is not handed over, although former mayor Sorin Apostu has promised this since 2011. Last year, Florin Piersic made a request to Cluj-Napoca City Hall to enter into a private-public partnership of two goals, cinema "Florin Piersic" and "Mărgelatu" cafe from Mihai Viteazul Square. Calling on the fact that the former president promised him he would let him patronize the two places, the actor was surprised when he attacked the refusal of the administration led by Emil Boc.

Emil Boc: "We need money, we have many expenses"

Mayor Emil Boc admits that year 2019 will be extremely difficult in the context in which the townhouse needs millions of euros for the expropriation of several infrastructure projects.

"We lose 28 million euros annually. Now we need more than ever this money because we go into expropriation. For expropriation on Good Day, we need millions (…) To make Sopor Street serve the future neighborhood must "We are suspected of expropriation. For East Park, which is a large project in the City Hall, we need a lot of money for expropriation. We have a lot of expenses and from this perspective, the budget for 2019 will be extremely difficult," says Boc a few days ago.

Little indigo union! The City Hall gives € 40,000 for January 24 on a project copied last year

Cluj-Napoca Town Hall will award 180,000 lei (40,000 euros) to host events on January 24 – Union Day for Roman Principles. The draft decision is the same as last year, the document also contains it "Events are held to celebrate the centuries of the great union".

If last year the City Hall allocates 75,000 lei from the local budget to arrange the events that mark January 24, the municipality this year will pay the local budget the sum of 180,000 lei.

"In recent years, Cluj-Napoca became one of Europe's most important cultural and artistic cities. With international festivals such as TIFF, Untold, Jazz in the Park, the Transylvania International Book Festival, our city has increased the standard of this type of activity. Following the special events of the years of the Eunion of the Great Union, we want to preserve the quality of this type of event, each year celebrating "Union of Romanian Principalities Day" in Cluj-Napoca through a series of official manifestations of tradition and extensive cultural and artistic actions that Reconstructs the historic atmosphere that led to the Union since January 24, 1859 when Moldova joined the country of Romania. This year we want the events that we will be organizing for this event, to celebrate the 19th century for the great union (?!), "Says the draft resolution that will be voted on next week by local councilors.

105,000 lei will go to fees, transportation, accommodation and the mass of the artists, 20,000 cost the stage, the sound and the lights, 50,000 tired fireworks and 5000 lei going on promoting the events.

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