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The doctor is in.
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Doctor who He came back last night, and he brought with him a completely new look, a completely new cast and a new Doctor in the form of Jodie Whittaker. There were emotions! Cold! Many accents! He had so much that we just had to grab some people to crush everything.

"The woman who fell to the ground" had the job of not only introducing us to the new doctor, half an hour since she was expelled unceremoniously from her own TARDIS, but also to the doctor's new circle of friends: Yaz, Ryan and Graham. , united by the sinister threat of a toothy villain named Tim Shaw …kind of.

While a little more realistic, literally! In its tone and rhythm than in the usual episode of Doctor who"The Woman Who Fell to Earth" (who got a great score in the ratings) had a lot to do to bring us back to show business, and she did it in a way and a style that does not look at all like The series has Done before. To take us through the highs and lows, the sonic screwdrivers and the DNA bombs, the alien pods and the mobile phone defibrillators, I (your usual Time and Space guide, James Whitbrook) recruited the Whovians partner Jill Pantozzi and Beth Elderkin to talk about what we love and what we did not do about Jodie Whittaker's great debut.

James Whitbrook: Welcome, fellow masters of time, to the Panopticon of Gallifreyan which is … our work Slack. Doctor who I finally returned last night, bringing with it a whole new cast, a new Doctor, and as many weird strange teeth as regional British accents. What do we think?

Beth Elderkin: In general, I had a great time. The new doctor is in and she is fantastic.

Jill Pantozzi: I am. SO. HAPPY.

James: Honestly, I can not think of the last time I saw so much enthusiasm in an episode of Who. Although I did not love some elements of the episode, they are so inconsequential for the things that I loved that I felt really pleased with the beginning.

Beth: Same here. There were some things that did not sit well with me: justice for the dead grams, please. But it was a solid debut and Jodie Whittaker simply slipped into that role as if it were made for her.

Jill: I think in general I expected a lot great Premiere of the episode, but actually I like that it was more content.

Beth: I mean, we're all very used to the great Stephen Moffat style of Doctor who, this debut definitely had the feeling of another person behind the wheel, that is, Chris Chibnall.

James: That could have been one of my favorite aspects, really. It was so nice to have a story that was not about the immediate end of the world for everything, with all kinds of explosions and all that. It was just a strange little thing made important by the Doctor's conviction to safeguard everyone and everything on Earth.

Beth: Although it could have ended with a little more sunlight.

James: That's how you know it's an elegant drama, more scenes at night!

Before talking about the Doctor and his new friends, that's really something he wanted to say: Holy Cow, this is not like any other episode of Doctor who before. Not only because of the new aspect of the aspect ratio, but the cinematography was excellent. Somehow, it is forgotten that 99 percent occurs in low-light alleys in Sheffield and on a construction site, because of that.

Beth: The cinematography had a lot of movement, it felt alive and attractive.

Jill: I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how the pace keeps going during the season and in different places.

Beth: I've seen some people upset because they do not look like the previous ones Doctor who, or that is too "Hollywood" now. I do not really have an opinion on that, since I've always cared more about the characters than the style, but I'm curious about what they think about it.

James: I believe Doctor who You will always have that kind of loser charm, which is trying to put a space opera with bits of rope and bubble wrap. But you can evoke that retro spirit while you still see very, very well, what I think this episode did with all the technology hit, improvised and all that. I hope that old … I do not want to say crudeness, but that is more or less what it is, that little commitment to do much with very little, will come into play as we see more places abroad.

If you can make the bus stations look like this, just wait until we get there. alien Bus stations!

Beth: If you need information, always ask a bus driver.

James: Hahaha! Speaking of which, before we get to the Doctor, let's talk about the new team of "chaperones" that we have in Graham, Yaz and Ryan, considering that we spend a lot of time with them before the Doctor literally crashes into history. Do you have a favorite yet?

Beth: Grams …

Jill: Oh, I love Yaz! Trying to prove yourself is very easy to identify.

Beth: I really loved Ryan. The actor was really attractive, and although we do not really understand who he is, I'm excited to know more about him.

Jill: I also appreciated that, although at first everyone was hesitant, it really was not very convincing that the Doctor was an extraterrestrial and that they were 100 percent less to follow it.

James: Much of the emotional work of this episode occurs because of Ryan and Graham, because of the story: poor Grace, who joined the long list of Partners that may have been, so I hope to see a little more of Yaz as We move forward, but I think this was a good start for all three.

Beth: I'm upset by the grace. That was my biggest problem with the episode. I understand why he did not survive the episode, but in the end, it becomes another situation in which a female character is killed to free men to do other things. Otherwise, they would have focused on going back to her while they were in space.

James: I fully expected to be kept as the "base of operations," like Jackie Tyler or Rory's father, Brian, so I was saddened to be killed, but at the same time, I like the idea that his spirit is what connects the three with the Doctor.

There is the drama of the relationship between Ryan and Graham, but how it affects Yaz and how (or even if) it affects the Doctor in the future is something that interests me to see how it develops.

Beth: That said, with the exception of the train driver, each character who died in this episode was given some kind of context or reason to worry about them. In addition to Grace, the guy who took the Module from Hershey's kiss space was looking for her sister, and the construction supervisor had that scene with her granddaughter. There is a lot of death in Doctor whoAnd, in general, I like how they handle it until now.

James: Except for that drunk guy with his kebab salad. That's what you get for throwing an alien salad!

Jill: However, I still would not have thrown my shot at a mech-looking creature, no matter how drunk I was.

Beth: Right. I mean, who throws his kebab salad? Even drunken children need their green leaves!

Returning to the Companions very quickly, I thought it was interesting how everyone knew each other already. I really liked having them not be strange. Of course, its dynamics are uncomfortable and open to development; Ryan does not like Graham very much, and he and Yaz have not seen each other in years, but that makes the weirdness not look in the way.

Jill: Yes, Ryan and Yaz knew each other since school was something I did not expect.

James: One thing I liked a lot about the guys who did this is that … they did not do that much with Bill, but the last ones Who companions before that were all the normal people who were secretly super important. The girl who waited. The Impossible Girl The boy who lived. No, wait, that last one is Harry Potter, but you understand my point!

Jill: Say ah!

Beth: I mean, only time will tell. I guess Graham is secretly Jesus. Hashtag Fan Theory.

James: Yes, there is always an opportunity with Doctor who There will be a revelation along the line: if I were a gambler, I would say that Ryan will be the only one to have something "special" in him after touching the lights that allowed Tim Shaw to come down to Earth. But I really appreciate that until now they are all normal people, with their own network of disorderly relationships, caught in a strange adventure, and I hope this continues with the fantastic elements.

And, of course, there's nothing more fantastic than the Doctor, who … really, probably should not have survived crashing into a train at that speed.

Jill: Ha, yes, I expected an explanation of that.

Beth: She is the doctor. She does not need an explanation!

James: Remember when the fourth Doctor regenerated himself because he fell from a radio tower?

Beth: Women have a greater tolerance to pain. It sounds like the Fourth Doctor was a little weak.

Jill: Maybe I'm in a comic book along the way!

James: This was much higher than that. And with a much, much more rugged landing. But I assumed it was as if the energy of latent regeneration protected and healed her. If the Tenth Doctor can get rid of his hand and grow back in the first hours of his regeneration cycle, the 13th can crush his face first on a train.

But god, what an entrance it was. You spend the first 15 or 20 minutes of the episode to meet all the other characters, asking when Jodie will enter and the moment you do it, there is no doubt. She is absolutely, 100 percent, the Doctor. She instantly becomes the core of everything that happens.

Jill: She was born to play a lord of time. That was really my first reaction. You know, before I've always felt uncomfortable after a regeneration, it's the time when you need to "get used" to the new actor, but I did not feel that here at all. She is the doctor. Complete stop

Beth: There is a "vibra" that the new doctors have, they enter in the general sense of the role before configuring it to be theirs. With this performance, she slipped into that environment so perfectly. You can say it's ready to make it special, while honoring the doctors of the past. I trust that this new doctor will be an icon.

James: They did a great job of just getting along with things: the first scenes on the train have a bit of that crazy rehashing episode, in which it channels that kind of peculiar emotion of David Tennant-and, Matt Smith-y. But after that, and she has that little nap on Ryan's couch, I think you really start to see the first layers of what this doctor will be like. There is still a lot of that youthful energy that feels like previous doctors, but at the same time there is a silent curiosity for her that really shines.

Beth: I have the feeling that she will be the inventing doctor. Always curious, always finding, and most likely building, a solution. "What do we need? It does not matter, I'll build it before I know what it is!"

Jill: Oh, my God, with so much history made with his arrival, I was super excited to see the Doctor doing his own Sonic this time. That felt like a truly unique moment.

James: We have become accustomed to the Doctor entering a room and immediately know what is happening, whatever the strange or strange technology, but he feels like the kind of person who needs to search and ask a million questions : everything is new to her and she is excited about that

And god yes, I loved The sound construction sequence. This beautiful image, compared to the recent sounds as a gift of acceptance from TARDIS, is that she simply says: "I have some bits, a conveniently placed amount of welding equipment and some alien technology. ! "

I hope it's a doctor, and that's something that I really liked in this episode, even with the villain, whose real name will be forgotten forever in favor of being called "Tim Shaw". It was about building things and using technology in an interesting way. It was not just having a convenient MacGuffin on hand, it was about bringing together what the doctor and his friends could stop a threat.


James: LOL

Beth: I feel that his highlight was that confrontation with Tim Shaw, a side note, when he finally said "I am the Doctor", I shouted verbally in my living room. She put all the pieces in place to stop him, but did not immediately execute his plan because he wanted to give her a choice. The choice to be good. Compassion, kindness and respect for everything, no matter how bad they seem to be, is in the heart of the Doctor.

And when Carl pushed him out of the crane, she admonished him for that. It may have been "rough", but it was not right.

James: The whole time with Tim Shaw on the bridge was fun. But I'd like them to really get stuck with the moment Carl pulled Tim out of the railing a little more.

Jill: Yes, I expected that from that conversation something more than "You had the right to do that" would arise. A good part of the audience will know why he said that, but not necessarily the new viewers.

James: Suddenly, the Doctor gets outraged very righteously, especially by a woman who has just tricked Tim into firing like, five apparently very painful bombs inside his body, but that scene is immediately cut off, stealing the moment.

And okay, Jill. The fans know that it is something very typical of doctors, but in the context of the episode and the way it is presented, it seems a little tonal. I would have liked to hear the Doctor really explain why, or talk about it in front of Yaz, Ryan and Graham a bit more after the funeral, but I think they have a full season to establish the spirit of this Doctor.

Beth: They were distracted by Grace's death. Justice for Grams! I did not necessarily care. I felt that it was understood, but yes, the newer viewers may not understand it. I did not necessarily care.

Jill: I'm sad that we could barely know Grace, I wonder if we'll have memories with her on the way.

Beth: Apparently she's in more episodes this season, so I guess we'll do it. Or it's a parallel gram, and Ryan is going to leave the team and live in a parallel world … oh, wait, that's been done before, it does not matter!

James: I hope that's over and it's not a hoax: there were some promotional photos out there that included Grace in scenes she was not really in, but I hope we'll come back in flashback to keep her close.

But that was really, apart from some rhythm problems: I know it's a premiere and they needed to establish a lot, but it was a little Slow sometimes, my only real complaint. A few scenes needed to play a little more. A little more time with Grace, a little more with Tim Shaw on the bridge, a little more with Yaz at the police station, little moments like that.

Beth: What do we all think of Tim Shaw? My first reaction to his face was "Channel zero I did it, "but I thought he was an interesting villain, and a damn cheat!

James: He should have kept his mask, honestly. Most creepy way without the teeth grind.

Beth: I hope we get a follow-up on the whole thing "a group of hunter victims, including that man's sister, are in an immobilization on their home planet", but I guess we probably will not.

Jill: I think my biggest problem so far, and it will be a matter of waiting and seeing, is Ryan's story, which includes dyspraxia, a neurological disorder, which I do not think the actor has. There has been a lot of talk about being more inclusive this time and they are moving forward, but that rubbed me the wrong way. And I worry about how it will be presented as the season progresses and how they talk about it.

Beth: I felt it was strange how Grace had told the doctor without Ryan's consent.

James: They could have been a bit more delicate about it, which may seem strange to say after complaining that the episode was not enough to explain some things, but it felt a bit clumsy and they just wanted to publish it as soon as possible. They could.

I have two thoughts about it so far: I like it to be something that is very important to Ryan's character, and I want it to remain that way instead of just dropping it conveniently when they need it to do some action or whatever.

Jill: I'm not familiar with dyspraxia specifically, so I do not want to talk out of place, but with many disabilities we talk about "overcoming them" and, sometimes, just … can not you? And that's fine Not being able to ride a bike is fine! So we'll see how it goes.

James: So we went over the new doctor and her friends, which we did not like, and we all got to shout at Tim Shaw at least once. What else stood out in this episode for you two?

Jill: I love it, I love it, I love how the doctor found her new outfit.

Beth: Thrift shopping! While you Never I want to wear something that you bought in a thrift store, that equipment seems totally something that can be improvised in the Salvation Army and that made me very happy.

James: I a) love that someone has taken so long to tell him to wear "new clothes" and b) to come from a charity store.

Beth: I mean, I was happy to see her in Peter Capaldi's outfit for most of the episode, she looked good in the outfit.

James: I think there is something beautiful in that idea that, anyone could go to rummage in a store like that and suddenly become the Doctor. It makes a disguise that, at first, looks very "disguise" and feels a bit more combined and normal. As usual, the straps and culottes of the rainbow can be.

Beth: I love your culottes so much.

James: And the moment itself: the great click of the curtain, the flutter of the coat. It's very funny The look on the face of the doctor is priceless!

Jill: And so many pockets!

Beth: The fact that she basically got a "Thank you, has pockets" made it one of Doctor's best outfits.

And what about that ending? It made me think of Total recovery and see "Oh, they're condemned, the eyeballs are going to explode." But I've already seen "Next Time On" and they're fine, so everything's fine.

Jill: Oh, we would be remiss if we had not talked about that cliffhanger! Hell of a moment Someone in one of our other Doctor who The articles wondered if his episode had been cut!


I know that recent seasons, especially last season, I tried to do that a bit more, with independent episodes that mixed together, but it seemed like a great moment. Also, if they are about to die immediately due to horrible spatial asphyxia, at least they are doing it with a drama of fluttering hair.

Jill: I guess the TARDIS will simply materialize around them because, too, hello, I miss the TARDIS and I really want to see the new interior.

Beth: Have we seen the new TARDIS well?

James: We have not! That is something to look forward to. As is the new title sequence and theme topic. I suppose they'll be back next week, as if there was some unwritten law that a doctor without TARDIS is not allowed to have a new theme tune yet.

Could not you hear the new melody of the song yet? It was heard in the trailer "Coming Soon" at the end of the episode here in the United Kingdom. I love that. I can not wait to hear it correctly with the titles. I love how electronic and ethereal it is, it sounds like the classic versions of the theme.

Jill: Yes, new composer this time too! Interested in listening to new topics and everything.

James: It's short, and weird and … well-built. Rich, and comfortingly familiar. It's like stew for your ears.

Jill: Hahaha!

Beth: I'm a little worried about it, but it's fine. But I'm also really used to the Moffat theme, so it's an adjustment.

James: And, speaking of the trailer coming soon, I think it is time for us to finish and see what will come soon for the Doctor and his friends. What do you want to see in season 11 now that the Doctor is finally back in action?

Jill: I just have to say that I love Jodie Whittaker and I can not wait to see her adventures with this team. I hope we can see many new interesting aliens and go places in history that we have not seen yet.

Beth: I really do not have anything of what want To see, more than I do not want to see. I got tired of the massive prophecies and the complicated stories we got in the last years of Moffat. I am ready for a doctor who is well with traveling in space and time helping people and knowing the great aliens. I have full confidence that Jodie Whittaker will shine in this role. I hope the show does the right thing for her too.

James: Okay, Beth. I'm excited about just a lot of fun and adventure instead of great prophecies or sudden turns.

I was a little hesitant to enter this season, nothing to do with Jodie, had high hopes for her and this episode showed that I could not just match them, but jump on them as if jumping between cranes. It was mainly because the previous Chibnall Who The episodes were never really my kind of thing, and the idea of ​​a season of episodes like that was a bit disconcerting for me. I think there are still many things to see if that hesitation disappears or not, but this episode did much to dispel that doubt.

Jodie is great, I can not wait to learn more about the companions, but if this is the style and tone of this new era of Doctor who going forward? Absolutely I can not wait to see more.

What do you think of "The woman who fell to the earth"? What did you think of the new one … well, all? As always, let us know in the comments.

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