Do you share the Netflix password? You can target this software

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The popularity of the Netflix streaming service continues to increase not only in our country but also worldwide. Meanwhile, you can share your account with up to 5 people depending on the chosen pricing plan, but informal sharing of passwords and account data remains a common practice and bleeds revenue and resources for the company.

Therefore, it won't be long before Netflix can get its hands on a promising new AI software. Is it the end of "Netflix & chill" for who has got a password and account data that does not belong to him?

Samsung Galaxy Note9: Netflix, series, documentaries. Photo: Pplware. Do you share the Netflix password? Be careful, you can be in the sights of this new software!

Do you share the Netflix password?

To expose those who practice the illegal sharing of Netflix credentials (and beyond), a new UK company has just presented the potential solution. This is new software, presented now in Las Vegas, Nevada, during CES 2019.

The company is called Synamedia and its new software is very ingenious. It also intends to analyze the behavior of multiple accounts and through artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms, to track irregular patterns.

Using statistical and behavioral analysis, companies like Netflix can rely on Synamedia services. All this to discover accounts that violate Netflix's terms of use.

How accurate can this new software be?

According to the press release Synamedia, the new software will be extremely detailed in the analysis.

For example, this solution will determine if you use the service in your regular home. Or maybe you're in a resort. You will also know if you have shared credentials with friends who live near the account holder. You can also find out if the account has been shared with children. Furthermore, you can know if they live near the rightful owner.

With access to this information from Synamedia, companies like Netflix will determine the course to be followed. In short, for now it is a new tool that they can use to reduce this practice.

Synamedia also mentions that the generation Millenial / Generation Y is primarily responsible for this type of practice. More specifically, the UK company says 26% of members of this generation admitted having shared the password and other credentials.

As a result of password sharing and other credentials, Parks Associates estimates that in 2021 losses will amount to $ 9.9 billion for streaming and pay-TV companies and services.

In short, it should not be long before Netflix starts using this software or something similar. The best option would be to sign one of your legitimate solutions.

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