Do not use this type of table, send it back

adminNovember 27, 2018

Customers informed IKEA about cases when the extra GLIVARP board was released from control rails and dropped. The company therefore encourages all customers who have a GLIVARP white mattress table to get it back to IKEA warehouse. "As a replacement, they will get a similar product, or I will refund them fully." The box is not necessary, " reminded Cindy Andersen, general manager of the kitchen and dining room, IKEA of Sweden

"We are very serious about IKEA product safety, we are testing all our products and complying with current standards and legislation, but we have reported cases when the GLIVARP Board has left production, informed IKEA.

The next time the table is used, the extra table is released and the consumer may be injured.

The Ministry will start to back up PET bottles. How would it work? Look at the report:


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