Do not touch my post (hearings): Cyril Hanouna in sharp decline, CEO

adminNovember 29, 2018

A new problem of Do not touch my position was scheduled this Wednesday, November 28th at C8. After a live d & # 39;Aymane Serhani, Cyril Hanouna has decrypted the news media in company with Malika Ménard and Olivier de Benoist.

In a focus on Miss France, Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut made a snap to the host producer. After withdrawal of Danielle Moreau, Matthieu Delormeau must make a fancy if he wants to go to lapland. The TPMP team gave its point of view France to an incredible talent and cash Survey, then the 100% female jury of Miss France was discussed. Cyril Hanouna then reacted to the false testimony of the refuge Baby Radio. He invited CSA to rethink his big punishment against C8.

The last part of the show was devoted to yellow vests. The mobilization of artists has divided up in front of 1.22 million viewers. By completing its P2 at 21h18 vs. 21h30 Tuesday, Cyril Hanouna's show has dropped its market share to 4.8% by 4 years and over. C8 was significantly exceeded by daily, followed by 1.58 million followers (6.3% of the audience) on TMC. The former and the first part of the TPMP convinced 625,000 (3.3% of the audience) and 940,000 fanzouzes (4% of the audience).

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