Disney wants writers of & # 39; Deadpool & # 39; for the restart of & # 39; Pirates of the Caribbean & # 39;

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While Johnny Depp deals with promoting Fantastic beasts sequel and [checks notes] blockchain, Disney apparently wants to move forward with more pirates of the Caribbean films. Since The curse of the Black Pearl to Dead men do not tell storiesThere have been five movies so far, and Depp has been in all of them. However, according to a report by Deadline, it seems that Disney, on the other hand, wants to restart the franchise completely, and they want the dead Pool Writers who do it for them.

By Deadline, Disney and executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer want the dead Pool Y Deadpool 2 The writing team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will enter and take control of the history of the restarted franchise. As to whether Depp (or any of the other actors and actresses who have appeared in one or all of the previous five entries) will resume his role remains to be seen. Either way, as Deadline points out, it's not surprising that a pirates of the Caribbean the restart is in the works, considering the fact that the franchise has "raised more than $ 4.5 billion in 14 years."

What is known, however, is that The good place The favorite joke of the creator Mike Schur of the existential comedy series NBC is much closer to becoming a reality.

"I like it for many reasons," he said of the joke, which fools the pirates of the Caribbean The propensity of the franchise to the issuance of sequels. "The number 1 reason I like is that the implication is that that's where those movies are made and then they're exported here, that's where they come from, they're made in hell."


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