Discussion between Pipe Good and follower, because he "refused" a picture

adminDecember 28, 2018

Everything happened on his Instagram account. Discussion between Pipe Good and follower, because he "refused" a picture.

And is it that the fan decided to comment on a picture that she did not want to bring with her.

"I approached Pipe Bueno with the illusion of a picture. I understand that for you" artists "this can be normal or unpleasant and annoying, but you have to understand that for your followers and ADMIRATORS this is more than a simple picture. attitude, it wasn't pretty. "

Before the comment to this follower, the singer decided to answer:

"You're very wrong. Maybe you didn't notice thousands of pictures I took later. Unfortunately, we have a profession where there will always be some dissatisfied people and having everyone happy makes us impossible, but I am an artist who never directly denies it picture, maybe it was arrival time with security, but it was not the intention. I hope to be able to cross at some point with you and gladly take a picture. "

Recently viewers saw the Colombian singer as a jury of a new version of My name isof which Julio Jaramillo was the winner.

Discussion between Pipe Bueno and the trailer

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