Discover the five pairs that give back faith in love

adminNovember 27, 2018

The farmers in season 13 of "Amour are in the oath" around the host Karine Le Marchand. – Cecile ROGUE / M6

Let's be honest if we see Love is in the meadowIt's also because of the new love stories
Farmers are always a bit magical. This year we have been particularly well served. In the balance sheet,
couple dropped with love. Hard to not share their feelings when they indulged without fake modesty on their feelings. So we have chosen the best of the best loves born in season 13 of Love is in the meadow.

Jean-Claude and Chantal

Jean-Claude is bad, it's modesty … and one of our favorites. Having fallen in love with Chantal, the sheep man directly deserved the feelings he felt for his beautiful Martinique to see his family during the recording of the balance.

"I went to have fun. Those who hoped for something were disappointed. Life was made like that. It started at the post. I had made three piles, and Chants's letter was a pile of herself. At speed dating she looks at me, I take her hand … It was decided. This is the first time it happens to me, it's beautiful, I'm on a small cloud. But in my time, nothing surprises me anymore. During the trip, I thought I had lost her, I was sick. Today it's natural. It's nice to have a story like once in your life. "

Raoul and Laetitia

Raoul and Laetitia seem to have fallen from another planet. Enamored look, simple teaser, always giving your hand or making small caresses … The feelings of love Reunion is seen as the nose in the middle of the figure. And if Raoul admits to having "done work [s]we are beating, "La√ętitia is not omitted.

"We met three days before the portrait at a trade fair. I worked. He looks at me, he smiles at me, something happens. At that moment I bugged. Afterwards we used the afternoon to talk to each other instead of working. We saw each other , like teenagers, because nothing really happened. Afterwards, he told me I had to attend the show. I told him, "If you have to go through it myself, I'll eat and I'll eat." Since the end of the shoot I've lived in a bubble. We moved together. "

Vincent and Pascale

Between the tomato enthusiast and his sweet, we saw that it went without saying. But to hear Vincent and Pascale tell their love in their own words, there is something else. If the farmer looks "a bit rough of nature," he is still very romantic.

"I quickly realized that it was the right one. We had no limitations, tension, flutter … We never shouted. Both are one. The morning in the ice we see just one face …"

Aude and Christopher

The sunshine of the thirteenth season, the cheerful Aude has also found love. The one who claims to have "realized that I needed someone to let me talk, listening to my feelings," found the man who corresponded with him in Christopher's person. It has to be said that he has such a sweet way to talk about his story that it would burst someone.

"I did not want to go on TV, I do not like the pictures. I surrendered myself. My friends pushed me, they forced me and helped write the letter. It took me almost three hours to write four pages. When I saw it on speed dating, it's limited if I did not hurt my eyes were bulging. It struck me right away, we just laughed. I fell in love at first glance .I want to move before the end of the year. "We start a family."

Thomas and Mehdi

We did not follow all his love affair in the show, but Thomas did not appear in the balance. "This show has reopened what I closed," says the Outer Federation. I grew up with everyone's experiences. "

"I met Mehdi during May and we joined us in early July. I do not know where I'm going, but I'm sure about him. I like it, I'll keep it."

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