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adminDecember 29, 2018

it Kardashian clan It is known that it is off more millionaires than it is. And among the family members, one member especially has a very large fortune as well He grew up with his marriage. (Kim Kardashian reveals a nipple betrayed by her bold dress)

She is the famous and the media Kim Kardashian. Together with her husband Kanye West they form an ideal team for business and It's hard to really figure out how much money you have. ("Goddess!": Jennifer Lopez with the outfit that neither Kim Kardashian dares)

But it is clear that they are one of the richest pairs on the planet, almost at the same level as Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Luxurious mansions, extravagant flavors, million-dollar vacations. All that refers to exorbitant costs It seems little to this couple, who also do not hesitate to show in their social network the high level of life they lead.

And one of all these movements was absolutely the main character. Having spent a holiday Thanksgiving with the whole family, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West they boarded a plane with an unknown destination and uploaded the photos to Instagram. The device is one Boeing 747 where they could fit 440 passengers, but the couple hired it for themselves.

How much did the luxury flight cost them? It is better not to know, but it happened that the amount they paid was $ 100 million.

An amount that owners can justify by being able to Move the passengers from one hemisphere to another without stopping since the device has a range of 14,800 kilometers.

But this property is not so fascinated KardashianBut the impressive performance of the plane she dedicated herself to show in detail through multiple videos. Starting with the rooms …. No one would say that this is a plane, since they judge from the pictures, have the same level of a five star hotel room.

But if you don't want to sleep under the whole plane, there is also a "common area", which is something like a seating area, but of course they have nothing to do with them airline tourist class. In addition, there are meeting rooms and rooms all over the plane that lead to places even much more spacious.

And the most curious of all is that with so much capacity on vacant seats, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West They decided to travel with their personal trainer because they would not stop exercising or in the air. self, They joked that they could directly install a gym with the large savings capacity they have in the vehicle.

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