Disappointed to not be quoted among his favorites by Cyril Hanouna, a former French Frank swings and calls him live (VIDEO)

adminNovember 29, 2018

On November 28, Cyril Hanouna received the former Miss Malika Ménard in 2010 Do not touch my position ! . Former law student became a journalist, came to market his new show Olympiads or trades presented in France 3 Normandy. Cyril Hanouna's fortune, the carnival has touched a bit of jealousy on the set, especially at Delphine Wespiser, as the host had already trusted his preference since his coronation in 2012. But we can be reassured, it was a good-natured atmosphere that ruled the set and the The special comic sequence did not fail to respond to a former Miss France who called Cyril Hanouna live to explain to the host.

⋙ Excluded. La Scoumoune: Cyril Hanouna presents his new game with a famous columnist … Here it is!

This is Nathalie Marquay former miss and wife of Jean-Pierre Pernault"said Cyril Hanouna on the receiving side, surprised to receive this call in full directly. "Wait what I hear, I'm not your favorite Miss France?"Gently disappeared Nathalie Marquay, obviously in front TPMP. "That's not what you think"tried to defend the host, funny." What you see is not reality, you are my favorite miss, and I would say that again to Jean-Pierrehe exclaimed, but the former Miss France in 1987 asked the host too much when she forced him to repeat the sentence: "My favorite Miss France is Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut"Mischievous, the host preferred to sing another name:"This is Delphine Wespiser I do not give you anything, you do not come to Lapland!Before you hang up on the nose of Jean-Pierre Pernaut's partner, a memorable blow in the set will be triggered.

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