Dirty John in the premiere summary of Bravo, season 1, episode 1

adminNovember 26, 2018

John dirty

Accessible Dreams

Season 1

Episode 1

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There are really two beginnings for the first episode of John dirty. In the first, Connie Britton is walking down a hospital corridor to a police officer while we see flashes of something bloody and horrible that has happened. Anyone who listened to LA Times The podcast on which this program is based (including myself) knows exactly what this event is, but lets us know that at some point in the near future, the tragedy will visit Connie. Seeing her passing through that antiseptic corridor with a crown of curls that can only be described as a chorus of angels bathing in pots of gold, it is impossible to imagine that something bad is going to happen to someone whose hair looks so good.

The second beginning refers to the beginning of the story instead of the ending. This opening is a roll of beachfront homes, sexy surfers and the various charms of life in Orange County. You should be immediately familiar with anyone who sees the Real Housewives of Orange County Because we see similar montages in almost every episode. The content of this program about a thief and how it ruins a woman's life should also be familiar to fans of RHOC since, well, one of the women's boyfriends spent several seasons feigning cancer and ruined his life. Damn it, Orange County looks a lot more dangerous than all that roll of coils makes it.

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