Director of Game of Thrones: Each episode final of season more than 60 minutes.

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game of Thrones director David Nutter passed an interesting factoid while doing an AMA of Reddit on Tuesday. When asked about the length of the upcoming episodes of the final season, Nutter responded: "The episodes of season 8 will all be more than 60 minutes." They will be dancing around the bigger numbers, I know for sure. "

The Emmy Award winner should know that he directed several episodes in the final season. At the same time, we have heard that fans should not wait for two-hour episodes, but rather execution times in the range of one hour and maybe a couple of 90 minutes approximately. However, the taunt strongly suggests that the final season could have the longest average duration of the episode so far.

Other tidbits of the AMA:

– When asked to describe the final season in three words, Nutter wrote: "Spectacular, inspiring, satisfying."

– Asked if any surprise is compared to The Red Wedding – a plot twist in an episode of season 3 that Nutter himself directed – he replied, "As for season 8 compared to the red wedding, I just have to tell you that I cling to your Seat because it's going to be special. "

– When asked if he was satisfied with the end of the program, he wrote: "I am completely satisfied with how the season ends 8. I think that [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] They did a tremendous job, and took into consideration what the fans want, as well as what is correct in what relates to the narrative. I guarantee that there will be many surprises and shocking moments, but they are really very attractive things. "

– On whether the Army of the Dead is the only enemy that our heroes face: "The White Walker army will not be the only problem that our characters must face in season 8, they must also face each other".

The director Miguel Sapochnik ("The battle of the bastards") also directed the episodes of the final season, as well as showrunners Benioff and Weiss.

The last six episodes, which we can finally write, will be broadcast in April 2019.

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