Direct access. Alex gave it away to Test of Love! Will Antonia still have a child?

adminDecember 26, 2018

Alex Velea, beautiful colleague of Simona Gherghe, had a great surprise: Antonia came for the first time in her husband's show, "Test of Love"! What secrets have come to light?

Alex Velea and Antonia, for the first time together on "Direct Access", were exposed to Test of Love.

Perhaps the most sensitive questions, such as Antony's desire to have children, have received a sincere answer from the two.

"Antonia has already made three cesarean sections, and I don't think he can be in the near future. We have three children, we are very happy, we thank God for it every day. We have a happy family", Alex.

It's just that Antonia has made a supplement that completely changes the situation: "Maybe we do, who knows …"

The question continued! Are you curious about who washes the pots in the artist's house? All the answers in the video below:

Where can we meet day after day 🙂

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