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Netflix has released its own "Dinner for One" version in 2016. But if you want to stream the original, look elsewhere. Fortunately, there are some possibilities.

You can love it or hate it: "The 90th birthday or dinner for one" is brand new New Year's Eve. Butler James and Miss Sophie have not lost their charm over the years. We'll show you where to get them free of charge outside of the broadcast date "Dinner for a" stream get.

Where can you find the "Dinner for One" stream?

If you are wondering if the 1963 New Year's Eve Classic is on TV, then we have good news: you can see "Dinner for One" in the stream and it's easy. Come with your friends or family and enter the internet.

"Dinner for one" in the ARD stream and look at other vendors

ARD offers a live stream that lets you stream legally and for free. This is via the live stream on the website of the broadcaster. In addition, see "Dinner for One" for free on the following online TV providers:

  • Zattoo: via the browser, package Free, HD quality
  • Magine TV: via the browser and via the app, pack free, HD quality
  • pavo: per app, basic package, SD quality
  • MediathekView: via web browser, package-free, SD quality
  • TV feature films live: via the browser and via App, Package-free, SD quality
  • You can find all the additional information on free TV on the internet here.

Under certain circumstances, ARD Mediatheque offers the opportunity to stream "Dinner for One". However, most shipments are only available there for seven days. Others are not released at all. At the moment, the media counter can only be seen as a black and white tribute to the stars that make you know ah! Stars Shary Reeves and Ralph Caspers.

Look at "Dinner for One" on Amazon

At Amazon Prime you can access the "Dinner for One" stream for $ 4.98. So if you want to watch movies and TV shows on Amazon, you should be prepared to spend money or use a simple method that stops paying for Amazon Prime.

Watch "Dinner for One" on YouTube

On YouTube, there is "Dinner for One" in different versions to watch. However, this has the disadvantage that it is difficult to find the original version and at the same time take a good quality video. For example, this version is acceptable:

Power "Dinner for One" in the Netflix version

Netflix does not stream "Dinner for One" but launched its own version of New Year's Eve in 2016. Instead of Miss Sophie's old friends, James serves characters from Netflix original series: Saul Goodman, "Better Call Saul", "Breaking Bad ", Pablo Escobar (" Narcos "), Frank Underwood of Cards") and Crazy Eyes ("Orange is the new black").

Power "Dinner for One": Why You Should?

"Dinner for one" is a classic. Funnily, but not yet in the UK. And that, even though he shows British humor par excellence. In 2018 he will be seen for the first time on British television. The only 11-minute film celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. This is not just enough for the British, but also for us to look at him this year. In the stream of course.

It tells the story of the annual birthday dinner of Elder Miss Sophie (May Warden). Although her friends and guests are already dead, the hostess does not stop her from bringing her back to life with her butler James (Freddie Frinton). At "Dinner for One" he must not only serve but also take over his roles. So he gets drunken, but Miss Sophie doesn't seem to care too much. After all, it is "the same procedure as last year".

Or on TV?

If you still have a TV at home and don't want to call the "Dinner for One" stream on the Internet, we all have TV dates on 31.12.2018 for you at a glance:

  • 10:30 pm rbb
  • 11:45 NDR ("Dinner for One Up Platt")
  • 12:15: NDR (50 years "Dinner for a" special)
  • 15:35 clock: NDR
  • 15:40 clock: ARD
  • 17:05 clock: NDR
  • 17:15 clock: hr (North Hessian version)
  • 17:35 clock: WDR (on Cologne)
  • 18:00: WDR
  • 18:06 clock: rbb
  • 18:40 clock: hr (Hessian version)
  • 6:45 pm: BR
  • 19:00: months
  • 19:10 hours: hr
  • 19:25 clock: SWR
  • 19:40 clock: NDR
  • 10.30 am: WDR (on Cologne)
  • 23:35 clock: NDR

Miss Sophie and James are always worth a stream

The "90th anniversary" is worth it every year again. No wonder the Sketchen came in 1988 as "the world's most repeated television production" in the Guinness Book of Records. In German television alone, he runs on New Year's Eve 2018 eleven times. But you don't have to mark the sending dates in red on the calendar: On the web you can see "Dinner for one" in the stream for free whenever you want. By 2019, the Internet will have taken over the television anyway. Good opportunities for streaming fans so.

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