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adminNovember 30, 2018

Prepared by Mona Al-Moji:

TV shows compete each week to host the most famous stars and stars of art, to talk about personal and artistic things, including making bold statements and achieving the highest viewing rates. In the following lines, "Masrawy" is the most prominent 7 comments to the artisans in the technical programs last week. "Dina Sherbini answers the criticism, Najla Badr's letter to Mohammed Ramadan, meets Ziad Burji and Fayrouz, ..".

Dina Sherbini and criticism

In a new episode on her DMC TV show, actress Eissa El-Sherbini, she has been criticized for her relationship with the artist Amr Diab and how she has received her.

She said, "I do not have the advantage of a cute oi that does not bother me. I'm not bothered by my life. My age is not in my life. I have not intervened at a limit. I have not asked for a limit for a and in the fathers, because in the other they will be happy with me, for I am their daughter.

She said, "Everyone on the basis of the upbringing, my parents do not want me to tell about the need for an animal." Mfish restricts his people Birboh, that I'm not the one who is Iltrbit on this and nothing, "and indicated that she is surprised when the street welcomes the audience and expresses "Who attacks me through social networking services?" Ask him.

Najla Badr sends a letter to Mohammed Ramadan

At the final ceremony at the Cairo Film Festival, during the transfer of the ceremony and red running activities, through the DMC channel, Najla Badr received a question asking her to reveal the name of the artist to whom she would send a message. "I love him very much for the idea of ​​an artist, Hail, no matter what he was talking about De Minecrch's war, he is a hard artist with a desire to work with him, our Lord will help him."

Nahed Al-Sibai and "The Imobilia Crime"

Actor Nahed Al-Sibai on the red carpet and the red carpet for the final ceremony at the Cairo Film Festival revealed the reaction of the audience to her role in the crimes of Imopilia. "I liked it when they wanted to show me the length of the film and was annoyed by what happened to the characters in the events."

"If it were not for the presence of the sign, the whole movie would be cleaned up and all the events would be played out because of it." The role of the cartoon costume presented by Mena Shalabi in the movie "One of the People", in the movie "One of the People", played a small role, but Menafesh Mutfukrush,.

Mahmoud al-Bazawi and his son Akram

In the "Cafe Ashraf" program, presented by the artist Ashraf Abdelbagi on the "life" channel, the artist Mahmoud al-Bazawi was a guest with his son, "Akram", and talked about the paradoxes that occur because of the repeated "Albzawi" that carries the sons film in a number of his artwork.

Akram said, "There is a problem in this subject because he did not find a job filled with much trouble in the crisis because it is Bayhaqd wearing and remains Rakourat when I tried at the university, the phone called Genby Bern and I received, On the image of his picture in Assiut he said: "White day, day is rakoor, the exam is over and the jacket returns because it was an important day of photography there, Professor Adel Imam."

Ziad Burji and Fayrouz

The Lebanese artist Ziad Barji talked about his meeting with Fayrouz during his hosting of the "Cocktail Bar" program by Hisham Abbas at Al-Hayat.

Ziad said that since childhood he loves the great Lebanese singer Fairouz and the night-gunner Abdel Halim Hafez. "In 1996 I went to the art studio to play the guitar and played the song" Ahouak without hope. "As a result, My name is listed as a popular class and when I'm rich, a friend of mine and Rahbaniyeh came to me and invited me to the Fairuz House, and I sat in front of her for two hours. "

"It's a serious personality, people are very short-lived because they are far from the media, love the family with the love of the house, emotionally and romantic, and feel the depth of everything in their work."

Salah Abu Asef was accused of childhood theft

Adel Hamouda, the journalist, told the audience that he was in the memoirs of the real pioneer, late director Salah Abu Seif, in an episode where he hosted a guest on the MTV program presented by the advertiser Mona Al-Shazly on the CBC.

Hamouda said, "His grandmother regarded him as a poor man, and lived with his mother's family in a house owned by mother's mother. There were three roles they lived in a house and they rented the rest. Some of Salah Abu Saif are very rich, he went back to them and started playing with children of his age and he played many toys, lost a game, behaved a child, they caught him stealing and realized the value of class differences. "he said.

Hamdi Al Mirghani and his pleasure

Samar Yusri hosted the singer Hamdi Al Mirghani in a new episode of the show "Concert 11", which was shown on the channel ON E, and talked about the strange positions he was exposed to in his favor.

"I was in my room, and Ezra was in her room. Suddenly the mobile mask got news in the press that she sniffed at the hotel, but I was met by hotel manager Guy Beatszagli because she had pictures of the netherz equipment," she said. she said.

He said, "It is a situation where there is happiness. It was strange people who could grab the friend's pleasures. They were designed to be the only one to mekonch in a strange way. The spirit of his exaltation, and to the extent I look forward to happiness and say I have to do it in detail where I saw. "

And the third strange position that took place at the wedding ceremony, that the ceremony began at twelve after midnight and was scheduled to be at. 22.00, adding, "concluded 7 morning morning, convinced that Ezra would get rid of the pilot to tell me I started late.

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