Dina is dancing at the wedding of the daughter of Salah Abdullah … Masrawy

adminNovember 30, 2018


Friday 30th. November 2018

Books – Marwan Tayeb:
Actress Dina Video published its official account at "Instagram" during the revival of the wedding of the Salah daughter of the artist Salah Abdullah, held at one of the major hotels in Cairo on Thursday night, in the presence of a large number of friends and staff.

Dinas video was also released by Astoury at Instagram, where Salah Abdullah appeared next to his daughter, and Dina greeted the bride and kissed him in the midst of the happiness of Salah Abdullah's daughter-in-law, and the video admired by thousands of followers of religion at their expense .
Salah Abdullah celebrated the wedding of his daughter in September, including a constellation of Egyptian kinostars, including Ahmed Ezz, Mohammed Riad, Ahmed Adam, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi and Chico.
Salah Abdullah participates in a number of film works in the coming period, including his appearance as honorary guest for the film "Baghdad Thief" by Mohamed Imam, "Horn of the Horn" and "Family Records" scheduled for next year.

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