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Digi Mobile roaming

Digi Mobil. Orange, Telekom, Vodafone, will have lower prices since January 1, 2019 for some services offered in Romania, a very important announcement being made Thursday for all Romanian customers. According to this announcement, Digi Mobil and other operators in Romania will have lower rates on phone calls and mobile internet that we can use in roaming, which means that we will increase total traffic allocated by businesses for use when we are out of the country.

Digi Mobil. Orange, Telekom, Vodafone, may charge a maximum of 4.5 euros, excluding VAT, for each GB of mobile internet traffic consumed by roaming customers, 1.5 euros lower than the current one. Here we are talking about mobile network fees that Digi Mobil and the other operators may experience if we exceed the allocated traffic in the subscription, this amount is also increased after the price of this additional fee is lowered.

Digi Mobil. Orange, Telecom, Vodafone, lower prices from 1 January 2019

Digi Mobil. Discounts will also be used for roaming calls to all mobile operators. The monthly quota drop fee drops by 7% from 0.91 to 0.85 cents per minute. This does not in any way affect the monthly remuneration that Digi Mobil and other mobile operators will have for customers, but if you stay without minutes, you will have far less to pay for what you are talking about.

As of January 1, 2019, as a result of the fall in the regulated wholesale tariff, most tariff plans will increase the amount of data (MB / GB) that can be consumed in roaming in the EU / EEA[1] at no extra cost. At the same time, if the limits of the reasonable use of roaming services in the EU / EEA are exceeded, they also reduce the additional charges that can be applied to subsequent consumption.

Digi Mobil. Particularly for the operator owned by RCS & RDS, it is related to the roaming charge that the company already charges for some customers, falling from January 3, from 0.91 to 0.85 cents per minute for the counted minutes. Changes not related to the charge imposed by Digi Mobile apply from the first second in 2019, so if you are abroad, you will benefit from this change.

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