"Deutsch-les-Landes": The first French series of Amazon criticized by critics

adminNovember 30, 2018

Amazon draws its first French series. Today, the e-commerce giant's subscription platform publishes the ten episodes "Deutsch-les-Landes", a French-German collaboration produced by TelFrance (Newen) and Bavaria, and signed by Frenchman Franck Magnier. ("Imogene McCarthery", "Boule & Bill") and German Thomas Rogel. On the bill, Amazon Prime Video subscribers will meet Marie-Anne Chazel and Sylvie Testud, but also Christoph Maria Herbst, Roxane Duran, Eric Métayer, Philippe Lelièvre and Sophie Mounicot.

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In the "Deutsch-Les-Landes", a series written by the authors of "Bienvenue chez les Chis," Marie-Anne Chazel finds herself as mayor of a small village in Landes, called Jiscalosse, at the expense of bankrupt. To save her town, she decided to sell a part of this village Landes to a German car company. But the cohabitation of the Jiscalosse and Germans who come to southern France promises to be difficult, between language barriers and clashes of cultures.

"Deutsch-Les-Landes" has currently received a critical reception for the least unfavorable. "How (Amazon platform) can we offer a show so old and embarrassing?", for example, our colleagues" Allo Ciné "wonder about this fiction.Absolutely missed", says" The Point "which evokes"first tricolor accident"from Amazon." The Parisian "sorry for its part a plot"too predictable"while the specialized site" Numerama "speaks closely with a"industrial accident"Télérama" is equally nice: "Amazon takes (…) feet in hexagonal carpet with this old-fashioned French-German comedy, kliché and never fun".

The Netflix riposte

"Deutsch-Les-Landes" will be the first French series Amazon as international already has many series such as "Transparent", "The Tick", "Mozart in the Jungle", "The Romanoffs", "God's Hand", "Crisis in six scenes "," Harry Bosch "," McMafia "or" The Man in the High Castle ". Series is offered in France on Amazon, but also on other distributors such as OCS.

Note that this first French-language establishment of the e-commerce giant comes at the moment when Netflix strengthens the offer of French series. After the disappointment "Marseille", which was also criticized for its time and stopped after two seasons, Amazon's competitor will reveal "Heart Plan" Noémie Saglio with Zita Hanrot and Sabrina Ouazani on December 7th. Netflix also prepares "Osmosis" with Hugo Becker, "The Eddy" by Damien Chazelle, "Mortel", "Huge in France" with Gad Elmaleh, "Arsene Lupine" with Omar Sy, "Family Business", "Marianne" and an adaptation from the novel "Vampires", as well as more movies.

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