Description of Ece Erken the Deniz Cakir! "I spoke to the waitress, the sea has the right focal point"

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Ece Erken, a mall about the claim that Deniz Çakır allegedly offended women with head-shoes, "I spoke to the witness who witnessed the incident, Deniz Cakir is right," he said.

A striking description of Deniz Çakır, who allegedly offended women in turquoise cafes in a shopping mall in Istanbul, came to Ece Erken in the program Söylemezsem Olmaz. "I went to the cafe and talked to the waitress about the incident. The waiter said, Deniz Sea Cakir is right. I tell the event neutral, Ben he said.

Early on, the waitress would testify in court, he added.


Deniz Cakir went to a shopping mall in Istanbul with her friends, and a couple of those who sat here had an argument with seven women in head children. Cakir allegedly offended women. However, Çakır made a statement on Instagram and denied these claims. The supreme prosecutor in Istanbul launched a survey on the actor Deniz Çakır because of üzerine insulting İstanbul.

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