Description of Acun Last Minute Survivor! It has never been seen before medi When will Survivors 2019 begin?

adminDecember 31, 2018

Acer Ilıcalı, he found Turkey in the last minute audio statement on Survivor in Christmas special programs. Start date for Survivor 2019 is clear. At the same time, Ilıcalı made an announcement that excited the audience.

O Audio Turkey on the screen of TV8 Christmas special program Survivor Acer Ilıcalı in a related announcement, announced that this season of Survivor starts February 2. At the same time, the choice of Survivor participants will be held differently this year.


Acer Ilıcalı, this season will be the scene of Turkey-Greece fighting Survivor participant was announced to the public to decide. Ilıcalı explains that they opened a survey on the Internet, there will be audiences with voices announced by the participants announced.

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