Deniz Çakır's "mandatory disclosure"

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Deniz Cakir, who missed a lot of alcohol, recently found herself in six teenage girls with headwear in a cafe in a shopping mall in Istanbul. Cakir, opened a survey about the pressure, tried to climb the water. Deniz Çakır published an article entitled Açıklama Mandatory Disclosure bir from his social media account.

Deniz Çakır, who recently signed a major scandal, began wearing headgear girls in a mall. Cakir, who also missed the alcohol, insulted the girls. The reactions of Deniz Çakır to this arrogant behavior grew as avalanches. Cakir can't stand the pressure to publish a message to put it to the top.

Here is Deniz Çakir's article under "Mandatory disclosure" …

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