Deniz Çakır defended his crime with these words

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Deniz Çakır, who recently signed a major scandal, began wearing headgear girls in a mall. Cakir, who also missed the alcohol, insulted the girls. The reactions of Deniz Çakır to this arrogant behavior grew as avalanches. Cakir can't stand the pressure to publish a message to put it to the top.

Breaking news: Deniz Çakır attack girls with head shoes have made a criminal complaint!

"Mandatory description"

Cakir's share, "I'm silent, for even such an accusation of the wrong to do the defense. Now what you don't want to read, it's not a defense, but the information.

On December 30, 2018, two female friends in the afternoon reflected to celebrate my birthday in the room I celebrated the events reflected in the public, not the reality. "He said.

That night, however, the Çakir's harassment of headdress daughters, they also shame in Çakır's group of friends.

What is it


Like everyone there, Çakir's two friends were shocked. The two women apologized to those at the table who were abused in desperation and shame. Meanwhile, a few people in the space between these ugly words to respond to Cakir "Come to yourself!" he said. The arena staff worked as a middleman and tried to calm the environment.

Women who were attacked by Deniz Çakır because they wore gloves spoke!

"We went with my friends in the room before the people's side and the movement of their discomfort with the state of the show. Even their gaze and body language from time to time, the harassment has been unconscious."

Breaking News: Investigation of Deniz Çakır who offended women with childhood

ÇAKIR goes up to:

The discussion has nothing to do with personal preferences and freedoms such as clothing, clothing, turban, head children. On the contrary, the people in question showed that they were disturbed by my preferences from the moment they saw me in the arena.

In each period of my life I was with the oppressed, right, the women. I became a defender of personal freedoms. While it is so, it is an unfortunate crime that is supposed to be thrown at me and that is shameful.


Deniz Çakir's girls were subjected to verbal abuse and went to the courthouse to complain about Deniz Çakır and an investigation was started against Deniz Çakır. Official girls who answered questions from press members "Directly targeted at our skull by harassing us. What are you doing here, go to Arabia, why are you taking them to this place," he said.

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