Demi Lovato reveals her new love affair with a video she published

adminDecember 30, 2018

2018 has not been easy for the singer Demi Lovato, in July, the worst moment of his life passed, then a overdose left her on the verge of death.

She had to be immediately admitted to a clinical center to revive her. The fateful fact has already gone five months and is facing a new era in its life that is seen as its great rebirth.

Go back stronger than ever

After spending time in a rehabilitation center, the singer began to take his first steps in the world, making small figures on events and attempting to lead a normal life as discreetly as possible.

In the midst of this new social momentum, a couple of possibilities have been seen, along with designer Henri Levy, who was the first to be with her in the most difficult moments of his relapse.

But after so many speculations, the star itself decided to make it official and finally presented it to the world in its own Instagram account.

In a story she recorded, she looks like she's asking for a kiss on what seems to be a couple of trips.

Both look very happy and Demi for the first time dare to show some of his personal life, ask the rumors that made Henri his rehabilitation counselor and not his girlfriend.

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