Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh's carefully planned Instagram wedding made her a part of her

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Match the photos in the insta accounts: check Matching outfits for different wedding rituals – check. Matching smiles for the paparazzi, check. The carefully curated wedding of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh that performed on Instagram was set up in such a way that at first glance it could easily have been confused with a Vogue photo shoot in which the actors wore clothes designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee and were photographed by the popular Greek fashion photographer Errikos Andreou. .

But, it was not a shoot. It was Padukone and Singh, two of Bollywood's biggest stars, who, after having been dating for years, finally got married. This wedding was meant to cause a storm on Twitter and a flood of photos Insta. People, especially fans, will obviously want to know everything, from the food, the location to the guest list, and the media, like the paparazzi, will want access, of course.

It is not easy for a couple (even celebrity couples) to handle that kind of external pressure, especially when they still have a wedding to plan and fulfill all their work commitments, but thanks to the impeccable public relations machinery of Padukone and Singh ( or his own) meticulous planning, do not skip the gun here), things seemed to be taken out of a fairy tale book at your wedding.

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Padukone-Singh's wedding took place in two different timelines, one beyond the Instagram filter and the other through it.

The royal wedding, which happened on Lake Como (in Italy) -without the charcuterie, I suppose- with delicious Konkani and Sindhi food (as the news reports say), in a luxurious Indian environment within an exotic Italian villa that is dignified of a song The dance sequence of a film by Karan Johar or Yash Raj went beyond the filter of Instagram. We had no knowledge of anything that happened there.

I suppose (and I can be wrong to do so) that not everyone present in that beautiful villa dressed as if they were about to walk down the Sabyasachi ramp and some of the guests may have had a more extravagant or different fashion sense than themselves. Do not opt ​​for the blushing pink theme (unless there is a dress code, of course)

It is also possible that he has taken a bit of persuasion from Padukone, I assume to make Singh wear the wedding suits of men too insipid for his fashion. You may also have bothered auntijis and / or mamaji / chachaji drunks, as in most, at large Indian weddings. But we will never meet any of them, well, not unless Karan Johar asks the couple detailed questions about these things the next time he gets them in his chat program.

What the public saw was the second timeline of their wedding, which was developed in the Instagram accounts of the two stars. Some of the first photos of Padukone and Singh as a married couple were shared by the duo in their respective Instagram accounts. In doing so, they sent a clear message that they are the ones who control their public image as a couple and the media, as well as the paparazzi, have no choice but to follow their example.

Yes, there were photo shoots for the paparazzi at the airport when they returned to India, the balcony moves from their residence and the press session prior to the reception, but that's it. The rest of the wedding we saw through the Instagram filters of the newlyweds and their guests.

Instagram is a powerful tool in the hands of many, but most celebrities like Padukone and Singh know how the photo-sharing application can be a valuable device for making the public image. Singh and Padukone have been dating for several years, for example, and even so, it was not until recently that their PDA / flirting urges went on when everyone started commenting on each other's photos amid the "wedding rumors" .

Not only Padukone and Singh, many actors use Instagram to declare their love for their partner or to announce that they are in a new relationship, or an old one. All the rumors about Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's courtship were confirmed when she posed with Kapoor at Sonam Kapoor's wedding and then posted a photo on Instagram. Similarly, even in Hollywood, from Justin Bieber to Ariana Grande, everyone turns to Instagram while announcing their love for the world.

Celebrities are often the embodiment of oxymorons. On the one hand, they talk obsessively about their rights and their need for privacy, and on the other, they construct and compulsively reconstruct their public images and do everything possible to have one. While most celebrity weddings outside the network, such as Padukone-Singh, happen so that the people involved get the space they want to be with their "loved ones", at the time these ceremonies end, the world receives a notification. on their phones informing them, in candid photos or airbrushed photos, that had happened. The notification we all received last week was that "Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh had been married."

We saw photos of beautiful wedding ceremonies; It seemed to be a real-life fairy tale not made with celluloid. The photos of their weddings gave wedding photographers new camera angles to explore and told many brides to read and accessories. These photos, however, say little about Padukone and Singh, except that for now they are wrapped in a cozy quilt of nuptial happiness.

For celebrities to achieve weddings so well choreographed and perfect in which they make fans feel part of their wedding without going very deep, good planning is required. The remote locations, far from the surveillance cameras of the paps, help because these locations allow these celebrities to tell their stories in their own way, without the media or the paps telling them in their name. However, what is required, above all, is the complete fulfillment of the guests. Those who are really invited to these high-profile weddings, or are involved in them, also try or are asked to dignify the couple's desire for "privacy" and while the videos and photos of the guests come to light in the Instagram feed in a few days, It is the couple or some close ones who quickly release some photos that present the individual celebrities as a formal couple. As the media takes a back seat and the papers are restricted, it is the stars that give you a selective view of your wedding.

They share many things about their weddings, from invitations to mehendi photos and videos of the practice of dance sangeet. But, once the wedding bells finish ringing and are back in their sets, if you revisit your Instagram feed or all the photos that the media shares as "Interior Photos", you will notice the amount of fencers you have. Also, when you thought you knew all about your wedding and you had religiously read all the articles and liked all your Instagram photos. They are stars, after all, they only show when they shine.

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