Death of Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of "SpongeBob"

adminNovember 27, 2018

Spongebob, his friend Patrick Star Star and Carlo Tentacle are in mourning. Stephen Billenburg, the creator of the famous animated series, died Monday, according to Variety. Hillenburg, 57, had been diagnosed with Charcot disease since March last year.

"We are very sad with the news of Stephen Hillenburg's death after confirming the Charcot disease," commented Nickelodeon, the channel who sent the "Sponge Bob" series. "Steve has infused in" SpongeBob "his personal sense of humor and innocence that has blessed generations of children and families around the world."

In the 1980s, Stephen Hillenburg was Professor of Marine Biology in California when he for the first time had the idea of ​​signs that would fill the city of Bikini Bottom. "SpongeBob" was born in 1999 with broadcast of the first episode on Nickelodeon.

The series still has more than 240 episodes and has been awarded several Emmy Awards. It was also adapted to the cinema in 2004 with a feature film directed by Hillenburg itself. Another movie that mixed real shot and animation was released in 2015.

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