Dear for a great ACTOR. Moments of circumference

adminJanuary 11, 2019

"For some days, actor Florin Zamfirescu is in mourning. His mother, whom his relatives called Aunt Zizi, died at the age of 93 years.

The friends sent the condolence to Zamfirescu, who had no power to write a message. Instead, it was his sister, Raluca, who posted two pictures of her mother, one of her youth, the other of old age. "20 and 93! Now she's gone. She was scattered like a cloud after the rain … MAMA. Thanks for your thoughts …" wrote Zamfirescu's sister, "according to Wowbiz.

And a nephew honored Aunt Zizi, who was a teacher: "I'm lucky to have you, that you grew up and taught me the first steps. Today I'm sad, you're" happy "you're happy, you were a OM who did everything in times on this earth, you took a world war, you loved a book at a time when the girls did not go to school, you lived socialism order, you made two houses empty-handed, alone. "

What did Viorica Dancila, at Athenaeum, do to all European officials! It was … Everyone watched him for a long time!

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