Deadpool's Christmas movie may have stolen his idea from Twitter

adminNovember 22, 2018

An artist tweeted the plot of Once Upon a Deadpool last year.
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In a meta-turn worthy of Deadpool himself, the plot of the next Once Upon a Deadpool It may not have come from the star Ryan Reynolds or his Deadpool 2 the co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. It may have come from a seemingly random tweet dated December 2017. That's when New York-based writer and artist Michael Vincent Bramley published the following:

Which, as you can see in the first trailer, is exactly which is the PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 it will be. Syfy first reported the similarity.

Shortly after the news that Disney was considering the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, a lot of speculation arose about the characters of Marvel Fox who joined the Disney and how the enthusiast Deadpool would handle. "I was thinking there had to be a fun way in the universe to do the same Deadpool without the curse and the ultra violence," Bramley told io9 by email. "Then I thought of The princess Bride"The framing device refers to censorship (and, of course, Deadpool would be a fan) and the idea of ​​Deadpool kidnapping an adult Fred Savage and forcing him to listen to Deadpool read the movie as if it had broken me."

Bramley tweeted about the idea and went on with his life. Then, earlier this week, he was in a mall in Michigan with his wife (hoping to find Detective pikachu merchandise, if you can believe it) when she asked if he had seen the trailer of the new dead Pool.

"She said it was a PG cut and that the trailer was great," Bramley said. "I told him I had the best PG solution for Deadpool and I explained the release of Fred Savage, I gave a speech to the kidnapped Fred Savage and, since he could not remember it a year ago, he supposed he was just describing the trailer. I realized that something was happening and I started to go crazy, because I remembered sending it to Ryan Reynolds and, in general, I never checked Twitter, actually, I barely tweeted at all, I usually share these thoughts on Facebook, but I think I thought the idea was too perfect and they could really use it. "

Since then, Bramley has provided proof in the form of the previous tweet and even a more detailed Facebook post.

We do not know when specifically Reynolds and his Deadpool 2 co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick had the idea ofr Once Upon a Deadpool, but speaking with Slashfilm recently, Wernick recalled that Reynolds came up with it.

"After Deadpool 2 "We went out and everyone was sitting around, we got less to the idea of ​​making a PG-13 movie and more, & # 39; & # 39; Let's talk a little about Deadpool & # 39;" said Wernick. "We were kicking some ideas and then I think it was Ryan [Reynolds] who had the great device to frame and we all got excited and went to the studio. "

In that interview, Wernick hinted that the conversation occurred relatively close to the filming of Fred Savage's scenes, and roughly places it in the July / August 2018 period. (He says it happened about two months before the interview in October.) All of which suggests that the idea for Once Upon a Deadpool it came well after The Bramley tweet in December 2017.

"I mean … maybe [Ryan Reynolds] I had the idea first, but it's fucking strange that I have not guessed a single detail in my summary ", Bramley tweeted. "Plagiarism? I hope not, I love Ryan Reynolds, maybe Crypttomnesia, can I at least get some premiere tickets, please?

We have communicated with 20th Century Fox, as well as representatives of Reynolds, Wernick and Reese, and we have not received any news about it yet.

What happens next is a mystery. Bramley, of course, does not own IPs for dead Pool or The princess Bride, so even if the idea occurred to you, you would think it might be difficult to have some kind of legal case. (This is why directors can not accept unsolicited scripts, by the way). He also told us that he does not think that suing Disney seems like a very good idea.

But, here is an even crazier idea. What if Bramley, himself a talented artist and comic writer, is in connivance with the Once Upon a Deadpool Team and all this is just an elaborate publicity stunt? Bramley's first publication in Instgaram was in May, probably when this idea began to leak and, if so, it presents Domino's Deadpool 2, whom he refers to as "his new favorite mutant". Also, all his comic art on that page is from the Marvel property, owned by Fox. It's funny, to say the least.

In addition, we know that the Deadpool 2 The team likes to have fun with their marketing in social networks. Who can forget the Twitter page of everyone's favorite X-Force member, Peter?

"I mean … it's not a trick," Bramley told us when asked about this. "I wish it were, if Ryan Reynolds wants me to say it's a scam, I'll tell him it's a scam, but I'm just asking him to buy us some BFF bracelets that combine and use his interviews or mobile app ads. , or whatever he is doing next. "

Either way, all this is an interesting twist on an already twisted Hollywood idea.

Correction: Domino's publication on Instagram is May of this year, not last year, which was originally written.

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