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adminJanuary 7, 2019

To 84 years died the famous Colombian broadcaster, Eucario Bermudez, as consequence of cancer.

Born in Timbio, Cauca, November 27, 1934, but manizaleño by adoption, iHe picked up his radiant career at Electra, from the capital city of Caldas.

He joined Caracol Radio in 1965 on the invitation of his president, Mr. Fernando Londoño Henao.

There it was director generatesl news reader and sports sprinter, especially of the transfers of Back to Colombia, in the company of Carlos Arturo Rueda and Armando Moncada Campuzano.

He made history by doing, in July 1969, it first satellite transfer in Colombia, frombequest from man to moon from NASA, and launch of the space shuttle Discovery, from Kennedy Space Center in 1984.

also covered for Caracol Radio, the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics 1972where eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team were kidnapped and later killed by a command from the Palestinian terrorist group Black September.

IN 1981 again for the United States after not participating in public tenders of Colombian television. Upon arrival in North America territory He worked as a correspondent for Caracol Radio in Miami.

In 1994, Caracol Miami was created and then Eucario Bermúdez had important rooms like "Noticiero del mediodía", "Community vote "and" Eucharist and its comment ", cin a daily analysis of facts that most affect the Spanish community in Miami and United States

Despite being so long-lived in the United States, he never stopped being Colombian.

It has been worthy important recognitions not only in Colombia but also abroad Wave Award given by Radio Barcelona.

Bermúdez's voice was unmistakable on Miami radio, where he consolidated himself as a respected and valued leader and spokesman for the Spanish community. So much so that 110 Avenue of the South West and 40th Street were named the Eucario Bermúdez Way, for its more than three decades of contribution to the Spanish community in South Florida.

He was the author of two autobiographical books Chronicles of a voluntary exile (1997) and Talent does not retire (2011).

Bermudez stood out speaker, presenter, animator and TV news presenter, and consolidated as one of the most famous voices in Colombia.

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