Dayana James, widow of Martín Elías, talked about the "adultery" of canta

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Dayana Jaimes, widow of Martín Elías, he used his Instagram to interact a bit with his followers and vallenato singer fans. James used the question service provided by the popular social network to respond to the public about all the doubts they had about her and her relationship with son of Diomedez Días.

it widow of Martín Elías answered several questions about different topics, for example number of cosmetic operations I had, as he revealed that several have been made, but he did not show which ones. But Yes, yes He admitted that his nose was operated.

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In the middle of the activity Dayana He also got questions about the belief of the vallenato singer, "Martin was a woman or He came out more sensibly than dad? "was a concern raised by a follower.

Jaimes, with a good mood letter, the question answered with the following words: "He came out more sensibly, and once in a while his "canita al aire"With this answer, widow of Martín Elías showed that the singer was always faithful to him.

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